Vernon Dean Leibbrandt * 1944

Vernon Dean Leibbrandt Professor Epidemiology and Swine Health Department of Meat and Animal Science College of Veterinary Medicine College of Agriculture University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin.
Vernon Dean Leibbrandt performed 24 years of service and was granted the emeritus status upon his retirement, October 2002.

B.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Animal Science 1966.
Ph.D. Iowa State University, Animal Nutrition 1972,
Post Doctoral Research: Atherosclrosis research, Cleveland Clinic 1975.

Research Interests in Swine Management,
Behavioral aspects of baby pig survival .
Pork Quality Assurance ,
Environmental issues.

Coordinator of the Department of Animal Sciences Extension Group,
Co-chairman, Extension Swine Team.

Publications and papers a.o. on the effect of thermal environment and age on neonatal pig behavior,
The effect of sensory stimuli on huddling behavior of piglets,
The effect of farrowing crate heat lamp location on sow and pig patterns of lying and pig survival,
Why swine operations must grow,
Controlling odor from pork operations,
Responding to the PSE pork quality challenge.

October 22, 2002