The South African Leibbrandt Family Tree


Compiled by Dr. DP Leibbrandt

October 2003

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Interactive South African Leibbrandt Family Tree, by Peter Allan Leibbrandt 2008


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Foreword *

Numbers and numbering system. *

Notation. *

Errors and Omissions. *

Notes *

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Age Analysis *

Generation Gap *

The Leibbrandt Coat Of Arms. *

History of The Leibbrandts. *

Some Interesting Leibbrandts. *

The German Leibbrandts. *

The South African Family Tree *

APPENDIX A – Untraced Family Members *

APPENDIX. B – Personal Histories. *

[9.2258] Hendrik Carel Vos *31/12/1837. +1/1/1911. *

[11.225544] John Romaine Addison *21/8/1895 +6/6/1983 *

[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927 *

Appendix C – Extended Family Members *

FAMILY Walstra-Leibbrandt *

Family Spies-Leibbrandt *

Appendix D – Photographs *

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Please read this to assist your research.

Numbers and numbering system.

Each person is given a number. The first number is the generation after Wolfgang born c1540 on page 1. The second set of numbers is the 'child number'. The author D.P. Leibbrandt's number is 13.24123222, the 13th generation after Wolfgang and is the 2nd child, of the 2nd child, of the 2nd child, of the 3rd child and so on. For large families of more than 9 children, dots are used to clarify: e.g. Ursula Leibbrandt 11.2258.12.22 is the second child of the second child of the twelfth child, of the eighth child etc.

There are three 'lines' of South African Leibbrandts. The Johann Sebastiaan line with a number **.22****, the Johann Michael line with a number **.24***, and the Johann Conrad line with a number **.25****. Thus the relationship can be seen at a glance at two Leibbrandts numbers.

The POS NO relates to the Appendices as well as the above numbering system. Thus BANTJES Eliza Jane POS. Number BAF 1858 page A25, one would find in Appendix A page A25, with a heading BAF 1858. Similarly for the other Appendices B, C, D.



Birth date


Death Date


Marriage date


2nd Marriage date etc.


Christened Date


Circa (approximate)

Errors and Omissions.

While every effort has been made to find errors, some may still exist.

Omissions are largely as a result of missing information on death notices and other documents. Word of mouth is very unreliable, and dates given are usually approximate. The use of 'c' (meaning circa) notes an estimated date. Children are usually two years apart and the Generation Gap graph below, has been very useful in tracing a father or grandfather.




Key to Document Links

Links between parts of this document are noted in rectangular boxes with page numbers. Readers of the electronic version of this document in Microsoft Word™ can click on the page numbers to hyperlink to that section.

The symbol in front of the page indicates the type of link

è A forward link from a child to his/her own sub-tree

ç A backward link from a child to his/her parent’s sub-tree

p A link to a photograph in Appendix D

& A link to a personal history in Appendix B



Age Analysis

Taking only those people where the both the birth and death dates are known, the average age was found to be 55 years. People born after 1929 were also excluded as a significant number of them are still alive. The average was constant, except for the period prior to 1800 where the average was 62, but that could be distorted by inaccurate data.

People who died in the last century lived longer lives, but many also died in the Boer war which dropped their average.

People who lived past 80 years are listed below. Since women have been known to live longer than men in the past, and men outnumber women 128 to 84 in our sample, this has decreased the average.





Dorothea Susanna SCHEEPERS




Catharina Susanna




Blanche Maud Magdalene




Ellen Johanna COETZEE




Lavinia Agnes Emerton




John Romaine Addison




Maria Magdalena Elizabeth DE WET




Petrus Jacobus Sybrand




Douglas Herbert




Catharina Charlotte Alida MOSTERT




Johannes Hendricus




Hester Jacoba RETIEF




Maria Johanna Petronella




Catharina Wilhelmina LE ROUX








Roberts Baden




Johannes Sebastiaan Vos




James Burchell




Johann David




Sebastiaan Johannes




Percival Fred




Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina





Generation Gap

This graph is a result of analysis from the Leibbrandt family tree, showing the minimum, average and maximum age of a father at the time of the birth of his children. It is an aid to tracing the father using the birth date of a child. For example, given a first child’s birth year of 1832, we can expect to find a father aged about 32 years at the time (born 1800) on average, with a minimum age of 21 (born 1811) and a maximum of 40 (born 1792).

Confirmation can possibly be obtained by checking the custom of naming the child after the grandfather/grandmother.

The Leibbrandt Coat Of Arms.


The above coat of arms was designed with all Leibbrandts in mind, by [13.24123222] Douglas "Paul" Leibbrandt. Legally, the owner and his offspring can use the coat of arms. As the legal owner he has no objection to any true Leibbrandt using his coat of arms. A "true" Leibbrandt being anyone born with the surname Leibbrandt.

The flaming sword in the center symbolizes the meaning of the name. 'The People of the Burning Sword'. The lions are the Bavarian lions, note the left-hand one has two tails. The lion above the helm is in honour of the Leibbrandt spelled Luitprand, a Bishop of Crexaona, the lion of Lombardy. To him we owe a history, and the origin of the name, because the King of Lombardy, Luitprand (712-714 A D) probably went into battle with 'a burning sword'. Read the next section on the History of the Leibbrandts.

The motto 'Ingenuitas' is Latin for ingenuity. Most Leibbrandts seem to have this quality in abundance.

History of The Leibbrandts.

The importance of a surname only became necessary when there were too many people of the same first name. This came about in approximately the eleventh century and people were named after places, trades, colour, and anything that would give that person a distinct identification as a second name.

The surname Leibbrandt has its origin in the Germanic people that moved from what is now known as Bavaria to north Italy Lombardy. The Lombards or Langobardi (named after the long spears they carried or for their long beards) originally occupied the region of the lower Elbe. They were first mentioned in history in connection with the Roman invasion in the first century. The Lombards pressed further south into the Danube valley where they overthrew the Gepidae (568 AD) and invaded northern Italy under their king Alboin. They established themselves by further conquests over most of Italy. In the time of queen Theodelinda (600 AD) they embraced Catholicism and began to build many churches and monasteries. They founded cities and carried on extensive trade. Among the most powerful kings were Agilulf (592-615 AD), Rothri (636- 652 AD) who collected their laws, and Luitprand (712-714 AD) Luitprand was able conquer the whole of Italy for a short period, and was able to make a non-aggression pact with Charles Martel (714-741 AD)

The learned people were the monks and clergy and spelling of names was phonetic. After consulting with linguists, the conclusion was reached that Luitprand and Leibbrand 'sound' the same or are variations of the same name. Notice that the 't' was left off deliberately as, documents in 1700 have been found without the 't'.

The name was probably in two syllables, ‘Luit' meaning a burning torch, and 'brand' which is a sword in old German. Thus Leibbrand meant people of the 'Burning Sword'.

There was another Luitprand who was the Bishop of Cremona and he was very active as a chronicler or a historian, and he contributed to the history of the period. His main work was written in Latin and called 'Antapodosis'. He also was sent to Constantinople to make a marriage treaty for Otto 11 (968 AD).

The history of South Africa shows that a Leibbrandt was at the Cape in 1658. A letter was written by Leibbrandt dated 13th December 1658, at the time of Van Riebeeck, to the Council of India. He wrote in Dutch,

'In our opinion the Colony should be worked and established by Europeans and not slaves, as our nation is so constituted that as soon as they have the convenience of a slave they become lazy and unwilling to put forth their hands to work, and this is a great failing in India with the Dutch.'

No further trace of this Leibbrandt has been found. The Leibbrandt family in South Africa consists of three branches:

1) [7.22] Johann Sebastiaan came to S.A. in 1774.

2) [8.241] Johann David, a nephew of Johann Sebastiaan, came in 1799.

3) [8.252] Conrad Friedrich, another nephew of Johann Sebastiaan, arrived in circa 1805.

All the above came from Leonberg near Stuttgart.

Some Interesting Leibbrandts.

Having made a study of the character of many Leibbrandts there are some conclusions that can be drawn.

The majority are just ordinary good citizens, but what stands out are three characteristics.

  1. They have a belief in their opinions that causes outspoken and contentious problems.
  2. A stubborn character.
  3. Brave enough to carry out their beliefs.

We have two of the clan whose lives are common knowledge and both belong to the [7.22] Johann Sebastiaan line.

Genealogists may be aware of [11.225811] Hendrik Carel Vos as he was South Africa's first Archivist. One could read with interest a write up of his history in the Cape archives and as a Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, how he was given, in the modern idiom a redundancy package of 2500 pounds Sterling because of his outspoken beliefs. He also refused to retract his statements. His work as an Archivist was prodigious and without doubt he laid a good foundation for the archives. He was also a linguist of note speaking reading and writing Dutch, German, and English. Being a minister of the church he was also versed in Greek and Hebrew.

The second character of a more notorious nature was [12.2291213] Sidney Robey, whose escapades during the second world war are well recorded in Hans Strydom's book The Forth Reich. He felt so strongly about Nazi philosophy he named one of his sons Izan (Nazi reversed.) see [13.22912132] He was an excellent boxer, outspoken and brave beyond belief.

The other two branches also yield their notable characters and solid citizens from all walks of life. Medical practitioners, engineers, lawyers, and competent artisans.

Sadly, war with all its horrors and faults had Leibbrandts on both sides of the conflict. The Anglo Boer war had, like Christiaan de Wet and his brother Piet , brother fighting brother.

As the Leibbrandts have been in South Africa for many centuries they are related to most other branches of the old Cape families On the distaff side surnames such as Rissik, Kruger * Ferreira de Wet, Barnard, Botha, and even Smith are evident. In fact Agnes Rissik, whose father was Johann Rissik and her mother [10.2254.10] Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina *1867 +1947, has contributed to the Leibbrandt family tree for her branch. The other two lines or branches have been documented by the author with an index of the distaff side. By 'distaff' is meant all ladies that married Leibbrandts and men who married Leibbrandt ladies.

Sportsmen related to Leibbrandts by marriage, the Rowan brothers Athol and Eric, and the swimmer Terry COLLARD.

This research is a one-name study, but one is conscious at all times that the distaff side is just as important a part of everyone's genes. Most times the mothers have a more difficult task of bringing up a family, and this is evident when we see the death notice of the father dying at the age of 45 years.

Thus this study has over 400 names in the 'distaff' index, not many repeated, and very few males.

The German Leibbrandts.

This research was carried out by a German that can read the old German script, and this is how the third line of Johann Conrad’s relationship was found.


[6.2] Johann Georg *12/4/1719 +25/4/1766 è*


Auszug aus den KirchenbUchern der evang. Pfarrei Pfäffingen

Sterberegister 1776:

Joh. Georg Leibbrand

d. 25. Apr. mittags urm 11 Uhr starb Johann Georg Leibbrand von Leonberg gebürtiq, bisheriger herrschaftl. Beständer allhier an einer hizigen Brustkranckheit in einem Alter von 57 Jahr und 2 Tägen, und wurde d. 27. ejusdem vor gehaltener Predigt über Ps. 136.5.6. auf dem innern Friedhof begraben.

Summary: Johann Georg Leibbrand, native of Leonberq, a tenant of the manorial estate in Pfäffingen, died on 25 Apr. 1766 at 11 o'clock ann. in Pfäffingen by a hot disease of the chest aged 57 years 2 days and was buried on 27 Apr. at the interior cemetery.


Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern der evang. Pfarrei Leonberg

Eheregister 1745:

Dom. II. III. IV. P. Trinit. Copulirt 12ten October

Johann Georg Leibbrand, Burger u. Baur dahier, weyl.

Joh. Georg Leibbrandt Burgers u. Zieglers dahier hinterlass. ehl. Sohn und Elisabetha Regina , Joh. Michael Böhringers, Burgers u. Stattbotten dahier ehl. Tochter.

Summary: The marriage between Johann Georg Leibbrand, farmer at Leonberg (son of late Johann Georg Leibbrand, brick-maker at Leonberg) and Elisabetha Regina (daughter of Johann Michael Böhringers, city messenger at Leonberg) has been performed on 12 Oct. 1145 in Leonberg.


Stadtarchiv Leonberg, Inventuren und Teilungen 22/11/1775-29/11/1776

A volume including probate records of the citizen of Leonberg. The pages have a folio numbering (one number for two pages).

Pages 250-388, dated 13 May 1776:

Probate record of Johann Georg Leibbrand, citizen of Leonberg, tenant of the manorial estate at Pfäffingen, district of Tübingen, who has died on 28 April there, after a short disease of the chest.

Names of the heirs:

  1. The widow Anna Maria , assisted by Georg Michael Stöcklen, member of the council in Leonberg. The children of his first marriage with Elisabeth Regina Böhringer:
  2. Johann Sebastian, a baker, abroad.
  3. Christina Friderica, the wife of Jacob Heigelen in Leonberg.
  4. Elisabetha Regina , the wife of Christoph Metzger at the Katzenbacher Hof farm in the territory of the City of Esslingen.
  5. Anna Maria , the wife of Lorenz Kramer, baker at Eltingen.
  6. Joseph , a citizen of Leonberg but currently absent, his curator is counselor Weiß.
  7. Conrad, aged 21, a tanner, absent, his curator is Joseph Leibbrand senior, brick-maker at Leonberg.
  8. Salome, unmarried, aged 20, her curator is counselor Nick.
  9. Michael , a blacksmith assistant, abroad, his curator is surgeon Nick.

The widow was at first married with Michael Müller, miller at the Schweizermühle mill in Eltingen. The following children sprang off from this marriage;

  1. Michael Müller, miller at Eltingen.
  2. Anna Maria , the widow of Johann Georg Leibbrand junior, tenant at Pfäffingen.

The widow had no children of her second marriage with the deceased.

The proceedings then list the entire estate in detail, i.e. all real estate and movables piece by piece, the debts to pay and the debts to collect. I have not copied this information.

There are several entries whereas Joseph and his mother Anna Maria have been in prison in Tübingen for a while.

Pages 368ff.: the assignment of the share of Conrad Leibbrand. He claims a share of 947 florins and is satisfied by the following items: an eighth of half of a house, yard and barn in the Klostergasse lane, valued 100 f 1., four fields and a meadow; a song-book, cloths, bed sheets, linen, brass tools, tin tools, copper and iron tools (all listed in detail), cabinets, barrels and belongings, and household items.

Final remark: The entire probate record extends over 276 pages and it would be quite time-consuming to evaluate the whole thing, but gives very good information about Johann Georg Leibbrand and his family. Xerox copies cannot be made because the pages are bound together closely, but it may be possible to take a microfilm of these pages and make reader-printer-reproductions.



Farm SEEHAUS, 2 km from Eltingen, 5 km from Leonberg, 12 km from Stuttgart, Wurtemburg Germany. The farm was leased by the Wurtemberg State to, [6.2]Johann Georq Leibbrand from 1745 to 1766. In the right hand wing, erected 1609, was born, 6.22. Johann Sebastiaan Leibbrand *3/8/1747 and he arrived at the Cape in 17744 See page v item 2 under heirs) The nephew of Johann Sebastiaan , [8.241] Johann David was at the Cape in 1797. See Page vii, at the bottom article 1. Johann David 's father. [7.24] Johann Michael *1749 was also born at the farm SEEHAUS.

Number 17 SEESTRASSE, ELTINGEN, now part of the town of LEONBERG, Germany. Where, (number 1) Andreas LEIBBRAND lived in 1600, in the left hand side of the house. The right hand side was a tile factory. The Leibbrandts occupied the building as tile makers until 1745 when 6.2 Johann Georg moved to the farm SEEHATJS above.





[7.25] Johann Conrad *1755 +3/4/1824 Leonberg è*


Auszug aus den Kirchenbüchern der evang. Pfarrei Eltingen

Taufregister 1755:

Dies Et mentis: d. 10. Mart

Infantes: Cunrad

Parentes Joh. Georg Leibbrand Bestander auff dem Seehaus, uxor Elisabetha Regina

Susceptores Sebastian Nick, Burger in Leonberg, Christina Friderica, H. Johann Friderich Dalers, Kellers in Leonberg Tochter, u. Anna Maria , Sebastian Haffners, Burgers in Leonberg Tochter.

Summary: Cunrad was born on 10 Mar. 1755 and baptized in Eltingen (now part of Leonberg), a son of Johann Georg Leibbrand, tenant of the Seehaus estate, and of his wife Elisabetha Regine.

Tanner and senator (member of the municipal council) of Leonberg, b. 10 Mar. 1755 in Eltingen, d. 3 Apr. 1824, son of Job. Georg Leibbrand, tenant at Eltingen, and of Regina née Böringer

m.I 20 July 1776

Katharina Margaretha Keppler, b. 11 Oct. 1750, d. 6 Febr. 1819, daughter of rope-maker Christoph Keppler and of Elisabetha née Schölkopf;

Children of the first marriage:

  1. Christoph Heinrich b. 18 Apr. 1778, lived at Dürrinenz, d. 15 Jan.
  1. 1825.
  2. Conrad Friedrich b. 5 Mar. 1780, lives at the Cape Island.
  3. Joseph Michael b. 9 Sep. 1781, married (page 394):
  4. Christina Elisabetha b. 13 Jan. or June 1786, in. Soininer (page 585).
  5. Katharina Salome b. 17 Mar. 1794, in. 11 Apr. 1815 (p. 588b).

m. II 29 July 1819

Marie Friederike Heinle, widow of Jakob Heinrich Haueisen, b. 2 Nov.1770 or 1776 in [illegible], daughter of surgeon Philipp Friedrich Heinle and of Maria Magdalena née Schölkopf.

No children of the second marriage.

Source: Prot. parish of Leonberg, family register vol. II page 393.



[7.24] Johann Michael *7/11/1749 +3/12/1797 Leonberg è*

Blacksmith in Leonberg, b. 7 Nov. 1749 in Eltingen, d. 3 Dec. 1797, son of Johann Georg Leibbrand and (in. 12 Oct. 1748) Regina Böringer, in. 23 Sep. 1777

m. 23 Sep. 1777

Christina Regina Schäffer, b. 14 Oct. 1754, d. 7 Mar. 1811, daughter of farmer Martin Schaffer and of Anna Maria née Hegel.


  1. Johann David b. 7 June 1778, lives at the Cape of Good Hope.
  2. Georg Conrad b. 20 Oct. 1780, (1808) is absent without a note for 9 years; (later note) died in Batavia.
  3. Elisabeth Christine b. 13 Mar. 1786, d. 27 Dec. 1840 unmarried.
  4. Maria Salome b. 15 Feb. 1789, lives at the Cape of Good Hope.
  5. Johann Christoph b. 26 Dec. 1793, m. (see page 390).
  6. Johann Michael b. 4 May 1797, lives in Amsterdam.

Source: Prot. Parish of Leonberg, family register vol. II page 389.


[8.252] Conrad Friedrich Georg *1780 +1849 è*


Auszug aus den KirohenbUchern der evang. Pfarrei Leonberg

Taufregister 1780:

Mensis et dies nativitatis 5. Merz morg. 7 Uhr

Dies baptismi eodem

Infantes Cunrad Friedrich

Parentes Johann Cunrad Leibbrandt B. und Weisgerber uxor Catharina Margaretha geb. Kepplerin

Patrini Joh. Michael Miller, Müller auf der Schweizermühle. Jgfr. Louisa Langin, H. Amptspflegers Tochter. Maria Salome Sippin

Summary: Cunrad Friedrich was born on 5 Mar. 1780 at 7 o' clock am in Leonberg and baptized the same day, a son of tanner Johann Cunrad Leibbrandt and his wife Catharina Margaretha née Keppler.

The South African Family Tree

Starting from the German roots.

[0] Wolfgang *1542 +1591 x c1560 ARNOLT.

[1] Andreas *1562 +24/10/1634 Leonberg x Margaretha *1574 +19/10/1634

[2] Hans-Michael *1595 +14/2/1670 Leonberg x3/12/1622 Anna Barbara ECK

[3] Christolph *1625 +1690 Leonberg

x27/6/1650 Anna Magdalena GAISSER *30/3/1618 +21/11/1674

[4] Johann Christolph *27/6/1652 +9/11/1730 Leonberg

x22/9/1672. Anna Ursula HETTISH *31/10/1650 +12/4/1694

[5] Johann Georg *1674 +26/6/1730 Leonberg

x15/11/1701 Maria Elisabeth GENTNER *162/1660 +6/5/1724

[6.1] Johann Samuel *1716 +1764 Leonberg

x23/1/1741 Johanna Magdalena BUCK.

[6.2] Johann Georg *12/4/1719 +25/4/1766 Leonberg.

x12/10/1745 Elisabeth Regina BORINGER*18/9/1725 +1762

[7.21] Johann Georg *1746 +1776

[7.22] Johann Sebastiaan *3/8/1747 +2/10/1817 è*

[7.23] Christine Friedrike *1748 +1803.

[7.24] Johann Michael *7/11/1749 +3/12/1797 Leonberg è*

[7.25] Johann Conrad *1755 +3/4/1824 Leonberg è*

[6.3] Joseph *7/4/1710 +1793 Leonberg.


Following on to the South African tree. Remember, to trace the three South African branches that arrived at the Cape, the generation numbers will tell you which brother it was: Johann Sebastiaan **.22**, J David **.24** and J Conrad **.25**



ç* [7.22] Johann Sebastiaan *3/8/1747 +2/10/1817

Born on the farm Seehaus 5 km from Leonberg,12 km from Stuttgart, arrived at the Cape on the ship Rosendaal (or possibly the "Groonshagen") 1774 In the service of the Dutch East India Company and later became a baker. Resided in a house on Berg Street known as the Church of England House.

x Maria Elisabeth LE RICHE +1788

[8.221] Petrus Johannes *1785

xx1789 Carolina Maria WIID *1768 +1845

Johann's second wife Carolina WIID was the daughter of Sienert Jacobus WIID and Aletta Lucia CREYLING *2/10/1768 +1845.

[8.222] Siebert Coenraad *27/12/1789.

[8.223] Aletta Jacomina *5/2/1790 +1843 x C F KIRSTEN

[8.224] Johann Coenraad *30/1/1792 +1797

[8.225] Johann Sebastiaan *23/10/1793 +2/6/1855 è *

[8.226] Carolina Maria *29/1/1795 x16/12/1820 Hendrik VOS

[8.227] Johannes Georg *3/3/1799

[8.228] Christina Elizabeth *19/9/1800 x C F LEISCHING

[8.229] Abraham Johannes *12/3/1802 +c1844 è*

[8.22.10] Johanna Fredrina *18/9/1804 x F C GAUM xx H W TITGHE

[8.22.11] Elizabeth Johanna *19/9/1806

[8.22.12] Hendrik Johannes *15/6/1808 +c1844


ç* [7.25] Johann Conrad *1755 +3/4/1824

This is the father of the third line of Leibbrandts in South Africa. The brother of Johann Sebastiaan and Johann Michael. A tanner and senator of the municipal council. Lived in Germany and his son Conrad Friedrich (page 2) came to the Cape in about 1800

x30/7/1776. Katharina Margaretha KEPLER *11/10/1750 +6/2/1816

Daughter of a rope maker Christolph KEPPLER and Elisabetha SCHOLKOPF

[8.252] Conrad Friedrich Georg *1780 +1849 (Cape c1800.)

xc1808 Johanna Maria BEUKES *1790 +3/8/1849

[9.2521] Fredrik *1808

[9.2522] Johanna Barbara Fredrika *1809 +3/1/1852

x Willem Hendrik MUIR.

[9.2523] Coenraad Hendrik *c1813 è*

[9.2524] Diedrik (Dirk) Andreas *1814 +24/6/1865

[9.2525] Johann Christoffel Carel *1817 +1894 è*

[9.2526] Richard Joseph John *c1818 è*

[9.2527] Johan David Georg *c1820 x Maria è*

xx Marie Friedrike HEINLE

Widow of Jacob Heinrich HAUEISEN, *2/11/1770 Daughter of surgeon Philip Friedrich HEINLE and Maria SCHOLKOPH. (No children).


ç* [7.24] Johann Michael *1749 +1797

This the father of Johann David who came to the Cape in 1799. Sebastiaan and Michael were brothers and were born on the farm Seehaus Wurttemberg Germany.

x1777 Maria Christina SCHAFFER *1754 +1811

[8.241] Johann David *7/6/1778 +29/4/1845 è*

[8.242] Georg Conrad *1780 +1821 Died in Batavia.

[8.243] Elisabeth *1786 +1840 Germany

[8.244] Marie Salome *1789 +1843 Germany

[8.245] Johann Christolph *1793 +1836 Germany

[8.246] Johann Michael *1797 Amsterdam.


ç* [8.225] Johann Sebastiaan *23/10/1793 +2/6/1855

A wine merchant in Cape Town. When he died in 1855 the son Hendrik Carel Vos was a minor. The brother of Hendrik, Pieter Ulrich was appointed executrix in the will.

Johann Sebastiaan 's home called 'Mimosas' was situated behind the 'Leeuwenhof' near the old 'Societeitshuis' bounded by St Johns, Church, and Kloof Roads.

x1814 Alida Johanna FISCHER *1796 +1/3/1869

[9.2251] Catharina Susanna *2/9/1815

A bailiff and messenger of the court for Caledon River District.


xx24/11/1857 W J VAN DER VEN +1/3/1869

[9.2252] Carolina Maria *21/11/1816

[9.2253] Johann Sebastiaan *6/1/1820 +24/4/1842 p *

Died at 31 Leeuwenhof.

[9.2254] Pieter Ulrich *2/7/1821 +9/6/1878 è*

[9.2255] Johannes (Baasie) *12/8/1823 +1875 è*

[9.2256] Rykje Christina *20/6/1827

[9.2257] George Christiaan *7/3/1835

[9.2258] Hendrik Carel Vos *31/12/1837 +1/1/1911 è*


ç* [8.229] Abraham Johannes *1802 +c1844

x Charlotte Johanna ROUSSOUW.

[9.2291] Johann Sebastiaan *1824 +9/9/1872

x Hendrina Magdalena Johanna VAN DEN BERG

[10.22911] Johann Abraham *1847 +1886

[10.22912] Willem Theodorus van den Berg *c1853 è*

[10.22913] Johannes *c1855

[10.22914] Johann Sebastiaan *c1857 +1904 è*

[9.2292] Pieter Willem Heideman *1825 è*.



ç* [9.2292] Pieter Willem Heideman *1825 +20/12/1878

A tradesman, born in Cape Town, died in Drostdy Tulbach. Wife Johanna Maria daughter of Jacob DE BRUYN and Sophia Johanna VAN DER WESTHUIZEN. Johanna died at her residence Drostdy Tulbach.

x Johanna Maria DE BRUYN *1828 +1/12/1880

[10.22921] Abraham Johannes Ulrich *1847 +26/9/1904. è*

[10.22922] Jacob Philippus *c1850 è*

[10.22923] Sophia Johanna Maria *c1852

[10.22924] Pieter Willem Charles *c1856 è*

[10.22925] Sebastiaan Johannes *1859 è*

[10.22926] Hendrik Albertus Jacobus *1861 +1917 è*

[10.22927] Charles Gert Jacobus *1864 +1931 è*

[10.22928] Johanna Charlotta Dorothea *c1866


ç* [10.22912] Willem Theodorus van den Berg *c1853

x Rachel Jacoba

[11.229121] Meyder (Meider) Johannes *1878 +17/6/1954

Fought in the Anglo-Boer war Commandos.1899-1902. A friend of General Smuts. Later lived in Strydfontein district Pretoria. A policeman. Died in Pretoria general hospital.

x Susan Marguarite JOYCE.

[12.2291211] Rachel Jacoba *c1907 x PRETORIUS

[12.2291212] Meyder Johannes *c1910

[12.2291213] Sidney Robey *25/1/1913. +1/8/1966 è*

[12.2291214] Eben *c1915

[12.2291215] Elzabe *c1917

[12.2291216] Regina *1920 x VERMAAK


ç* [10.22921] Abraham Johannes Ulrich *1847 +26/9/1904

Born in Tulbach and died in Worcester. He was a vehicle manufacturer. Seems like his brother Jacob Phillippus married his wife’s sister (?).

x Catharina Cornelia Elizabeth KEET.

[11.229211] Pieter Willem Heideman *1871 +1909 è*

[11.229212] Martha Jacoba *c1871

[11.229213] Johanna Maria *c1873

[11.229214] Marthines Gysbertus Keet *c1875

[11.229215] Catharina Cornelia *c1877 x Pieter Johannes DE VILLIERS *1882 +1914



ç* [10.22922] Jacob Philippus *c1850

x Isabella Henrietta KEET.

[11.229221] Pieter Willem Heideman *6/1880 +8/2/1920

He was born at Tulbach, and died at Drostdy Winery. A clerk by profession.

x Catharina Wilhelmina LAUBSCHER.

[12.2292211] Elizabeth Margaretha *1905

[12.2292212] Jacob Philippus *1907 è*

x Engela Elizabeth KRUGER for: ROSSITER *1910+1974

[12.2292213] Mattyss Machiel *1912


ç* [10.22924] Pieter Willem Charles *c1856

x Martha Maria Magdalena STAPELBERG

[11.229241] Pieter Willem Heideman *1884 +17/7/1962

A farmer in the Bergville district Natal. The farm was called Bellevue. Wife Aletta Gezina Susanna born LEONARD father's initial 'N', married Pieter in Herbertdale Cape Province, and also died on the farm Bellevue.

x Aletta Gezina Sussana LEONARD *1888 +1954

[12.2292411] Pieter Willem Heideman *c1909 è*

[12.2292412] Maria Emerenthia *c1912 x POTGIETER.

[12.2292413] Nicholaas Leonard *c1915 è*

[12.2292414] Abraham Johannes Ulrich *28/8/1922 +26/9/1983 è*

[11.229242] Nicholaas Willem *1888 +9/3/1948

x Susanna Jacoba Philippina VAN BILJOEN *c1890

[11.229243] Frans Johannes Jacobus *1891 +27/9/1956 è*


ç* [10.22926] Hendrik Albertus Jacobus *1861 +1917

A farmer. Farm near Bergville Natal. Died in Harrismith 0 F S.

x Johanna Maria ZEILINGA

[11.229261] Catharina Maria *c1890 x F DE VILLIERS

[11.229262] Pieter Willem Haike *1892 è*

[11.229263] Johanna Henrietta *19/2/1897

[11.229264] Sophia Rosalie *17/4/1899

[11.229265] Anna Charlotte *27/10/1903

[11.229266] Cornelia Helena *7/10/1906


ç* [10.22927] Charles Gert Jacobus *1864 +1931 p *

A farmer. Farm Bellevue Schweizer Reneke. Married Anna DE Villiers in Ladybrand 0 F S. Died in the house of W OBERHOLZZER Vryburg.

x Anna Wilhelmina DE VILLIERS.

[11.229271] Pieter Willem *c1885

[11.229272] Gladys Joan *c1887

[11.229273] Johanna Maria *c1889

[11.229274] Anna *c1891


ç* [11.229211] Pieter Willem Heideman *1871 +1909

A wagon maker (vehicle manufacturer), and he died on Robben Island 9.4.1909. Probably contracted leprosy. Death certificate indicated one son and five daughters. (Correct).

x Maria Jacoba VAN DER MERWE.* 1867 +1933

[12.2292111] Abraham Johannes *c1892

[12.2292112] Anna Elizabeth *c1894 x CILLIE

[12.2292113] Catharina Cornelia *c1896 x S MARAIS

[12.2292114] Susanna Jacoba *c1898

[12.2292115] Maria Elizabeth *c1900

[12.2292116] Martha Jacoba *c1902 x Carel VAN DER MERWE


ç* [9.2254] Pieter Ulrich *1821 +9/6/1878 p *

A wine merchant in Cape Town. Resided and died at 65 'Beir?' Street. A wealthy man, died with a large estate both 'movable and immovable'.

x Elisabeth Maria Fredrika TROMP

[10.22541] Maria Wilhelmina *c1844

[10.22542] Alida Johanna *c1846 x John SAUNDERS

[10.22543] Johannes Tromp *1848. +1868

[10.22544] Elisabeth Maria *c1850

xx Anna Maria Davina DE WAAL (DE VAAL) *1833 +1899 p *

[10.22545] David Johannes De Vaal *1858 +1891 è*

[10.22546] Elisabeth Margaret *c1860 x Thomas M CROWE

[10.22547] Johann Sebastiaan *c1862 +1891 è*

[10.22548] Pieter Ulrich *1864 +1934 è*

[10.22549] Anna Maria Davina *c1865 x Thomas Edward LAWTON.

[10.2254.10] Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina *1867 +1947

x Johan Friedrich Bernhard RISSIK *1857 +1925

[10.2254.11] Johannes Hendricus *1869 +1943 è*

[10.2254.12] Johanna Alida *1870 +1942 x Philip Albertus MYBERG +1939

[10.2254.13] Bertha Hendritte *1875 +1901




ç* [9.2255] Johannes (Baasie) *2/8/1823 +29/12/1875 p *

Wine merchant. Director of Tramway Co. Lived at Sea Point and known as man-about-town. Inherited his mothers home 'Mimosas'. Bought land on western corner of Sea Point bulge, where the Aquarium now stands. Kept a boat in Bosenberg bay manned by Malay crew. Known as 'Governor of Sea Point'. Mentioned in the book ‘Under the Lion’s Head’ by M Murray. Also in the same book, his mother Alida.

x Johanna BRESLER p *

[10.22551] Johan Sebastiaan *c1848 è*

[10.22552] Sussanna Francina *7/1852+29/10/1917 x1897 John NOBLE.

[10.22553] Alida Johanna Sebastina *c1855 x HASWELL.

[10.22554] Christoffel Johannes *12/1858 è*

[10.22555] Johanna Cornelia Jacoba *22/1/1860 +5/10/1892

x Robert Coenraad NELSON *c1858


ç* [10.22545] David Johannes de Vaal *1858 +18/11/1891

A wine and spirit merchant. Died young (33 yrs) all his children minors at the time of his death. Resided at Hill Road Green Point, Cape Town.

x Josina Christina LINDENBERG +1938

[11.225451] Elm Susanne *c1880 x Claude JOHNSON *c1878

[11.225452] Anna Linda *c1882 x Christiaan Hendrik BOSENBERG *c1880

[11.225453] Suisette Ulria *c1884 x Sidney Scarrell CAPE *c1882

[11.225454] Gitilda Leonie *c1886

[11.225455] Hubert Pieter de Vaal *c1888

Child number 3, married another Leibbrandt, and there is no documentation on this lady. Hubert and Daphne married in Pretoria, and Hubert died at 533 Jorrison Street Sunnyside Pretoria, age 68yrs and 8months.

x Daphne Thekla Idolla DE VILLIERS *1890 +1960

[12.2254551] Roswald Thekla *c1910

x Terry COLLARD a champion swimmer

[12.2254552] Yvonne Louise *c1912 x Hall HUGHEY.

[12.2254553] Hubert de Villiers de Vaal *c1914

x Ansie *? LEIBBRANDT.

[11.225456] Roswald de Vaal *c1890 è*


ç* [10.22551] Johan Sebastian *1850 +30/6/1879

A wine merchant. Died at his residence Loop Street Cape Town.

x Margaret Elizabeth

[11.225511] John *1875 +1938 è*

John moved to Kenya, Kikuyu Road Nairobi, Ukamba. He was born in Cape Town and died 11th April 1938. He was registered as a British subject.

x Constance Mary PILGRAN

[11.225512] Margaret *c1877


ç* [10.22554] Christoffel Johannes *1858 +22/8/1919 p *

A justice of the peace at Robertson. Appointed by the Right Honourable Sir H G R Robinson Governor of the Cape, date 12th Feb 1885.96


Sent as ambassador to London with an official document from the Earl of Salisbury, also to travel on the continent. Date 15th July 1885. Died in his home 'Arnhem' 8 Hofmeyr Street Cape Town.

x Louisa Ellen ADDISON.

[11.225541] Sara Brand *c1889 x Rupert SMIDT p *

[11.225542] Johanna Annie Augusta *c1891 x William C MEYER p *

[11.225543] Grace Alice Addison *c1893 x Andrew E MEYER p *

[11.225544] John Romaine Addison *21/8/1895 +6/6/1983 è*


ç* [11.225544] John Romaine Addison *21/8/1895 +6/6/1983 p * & *

A lawyer, Magistrate and Attorney.

x Mary Stiven WILSON formerly POPE p *

[12.2255441] John Romaine Addison *1941 +1964 p *

Note this line of Leibbrandts dies out at this point as he died a batchelor.

[12.2255442] Margaret Louisa Addison *1942 p *

[12.2255443] Cathrine Anne Addison *1946 p *

x Peter Brian BROOKE-THOMPSON from this union one child Louisa Jane *1974

xx Lothar Herbert Heinrich FRENKEL from this union one child Amelia Thea *1986.


ç* [9.2258] Hendrik Carel Vos *1837 +1/1/1911 p * & *

Lived in home called 'Leonberg'.

x1860 Sara Aletta SINCLAIR *1839 p *

[10.22581] Johann Sebastiaan *29/11/1860 è*

[10.22582] Thomas George St Clair *7/6/1862 +4/12/1862

[10.22583] Hendrik Carel Vos *29/11/1863 +28/10/1863

[10.22584] Maria Magdalena Catharina *26/3/1865 x1896 Marthinus VERSFELDT

[10.22585] Alida Johanna *27/3/1868 +31/12/1880 xl889 John Howitson WIGGET

[10.22586] Johannes Hendrik Vos *7/7/1869 +22/6/1903 è*

[10.22587] Pieter Paul Willem Jacob *25/10/1871 è*

[10.22588] Sara Aletta Cecilia *13/6/1873 +8/7/1877

[10.22589] Mathilda Charlotte Marriott *13/1/1875 è*

x1896 Pieter Gerhard VAN BREDA.

[10.2258.10] Henrietta Alberta Fredrica *4/10/1876 x1901 William BURTON.

[10.2258.11] Cecil Henry St Clair *25/4/1879 +21/7/1880

[10.2258.12] Albert Henry *7/7/1881 +30/6/1944 è*


ç* [10.22586] Johannes Hendrik Vos *1869 +22/6/1903

Died at Thompson Street Grahamstown, buried in Grahamstown cemetery, Anglican number 38.

x Catharina Magdalena FREISLICH

[11.225861] Frank Ernest Alban *1902 +1978

Lived at 8 Lovers Walk Rondebosch. Note the Leibbrandt name dies out at this point as only daughters were born.

x Dorothy Mabel VINEY

[12.2258611] Shirley *c1923 x HACKING.

[12.2258612] Ruth *c1925 +1968 x Dr Gordon ARCHER.


ç* [11.225511] Johannes (John) *1/2/1875 +11/4/1938

Lived in Nairobi Kenya Kikuyu Road, Ukamba.

x Constance Mary PILGRAN

[12.2255111] John Bernard *1905 +1968

Born at Rondebosch Cape, and lived and died at home Lagoon Rd, Port Shepstone.

Note this line dies out because 12.22551111 John died in minority.

x Jessie WILLAN.

[13.22551111] John *c1930 (Died in minority.)

[12.2255112] Eileen Constance Margaret *c1907

[12.2255113] Linda Doreen *c1909 x POHL

[12.2255114] Sheila Daphne *c1911


ç* [10.22547] Johann Sebastiaan *1862 +1891

x Emily Anne BORAINE *1863 +1926

[11.225471] Johann Sebastiaan *1884 +1901

[11.225472] Vernon *1885 +1962 è*

[11.225473] Pieter Ulrich *1886 +1918

This man gave his life for his country in the 1914 - 1918 war in France. A letter to Mrs. E Leibbrandt P 0 Box666, Cape Town informing her that her husband No.14903 Pieter Ulrich 2/SAI had been killed, in the Bloemfontein archives.

x Evelyn WILSON.

[11.225474] (twins) Bertie *1887 +1888 Cecil *1887 +1888

[11.225475] Leslie *1889 +1931 x Doris Ventone WRIGHT è*.

[11.225476] Daphne Boraine *c1890 x Bertie Leonard TEAGUE.

[11.225477] Allen *1891 +1952

Allen was a wholesale stores manager and he died in Harrismith OFS

x Susan Muriel LOUW

Father Isaac Johannes Jacobus LOUW died at the age of 98 (a farmer). Mother was Sophia McLeish *1858 +1943.

[12.2254771] Muriel Joyce *1922 x Ronald James FIRBANK

[12.2254772] Allen Kenneth *1930

x Joan YUNNIE *1933 +1991

[13.22547721] Kevin John *1960

[13.22547722] Robyn Jane *1964

xx Brenda Valentine ARTHUR *1937

[12.2254773] Shirley Dawn *1936 x WOLF


ç* [11.225472] Vernon *1885 +1962

x1896. Emmerline HESKETH.

[12.2254721] Dennis Russel *c1920 +1981 è*

[12.2254722] Daphne Margaret *1919 x George BRUYNS.

[12.2254723] Maureen Phyllis *1930

x Darroll SMITH *1926

Mentioned in the biography of V M P Leibbrandt, Pretoria archives. Darroll a man of many parts. A Major in the Police Reserve, skilled self trained artisan, inventor of diving apparatus.


ç* [11.225475] Leslie *1889 +1931

x Doris Ventone WRIGHT.

[12.2254751] Doris Boraine *c1919 x George McFALL

[12.2254752] Eric Leslie *1921 +11/11/1946

[12.2254753] Joan Nola *c1923 x Edwin GODDEN.



ç* [12.2254721] Dennis Russel *c1920 +1981

x Phyllis Ida JOHNSON *1922 +1962

Married in PMB to Dennis and died at Fairview Cottage 20 Oribi Rd PMB the residence of her parents, father GE, and mother M JOHNSON.

[13.22547211] Darrel Russel *7/10/1947

[13.22547212] Jeffrey Nigel *23/2/1951


ç* [11.225456] Roswald de Vaal *c1890


[12.2254561] Juiliana *c1914 x Willem KRUGER

From this union 2 children: Walda & Andries Hendrik.


ç* [10.22548] Pieter Ulrich *1864 +2/6/1934

A civil servant in the deeds office, and died in Pretoria, home 'Chantihly' 30 Minni Street Arcadia. Married anti-nuptial contract 661/1906 in Cape Town 26/9/1901. Applied for citizens papers of the Transvaal 20 Nov. 1894. Death notice signed by his daughter A C RUSH.

x Pearly Eugenie BATAILLOU

[11.225481] Lucelle Marais *c1890 +1932 x Ian Reginald VERMOTEN.

[11.225482] Anna Celeste *c1900

x James Duncan C ARCHIBALD +1927

xx William Rolande Gerrard RUSH

[11.225483] Valerie Marais *c1910 x Wilfred Couch BEALE

[11.225484] Bertie *c1915 x Rex BRINK

[11.225485] Pieter Ulrich *20/2/1918

x Elaine Louise BROLI

[12.2254851] Pieter Ulrich *c1944

[12.2254852] Bernhard Ulrich *c1946

[12.2254853] Pierre Ulrich *c1948



ç* [10.2254.11] Johannes Hendricus *1869 +1943

x Martha Elizabeth MINAAR *1868 +1942

[11.2254.11.1] Martha Elizabeth *c1891 x Jacob Casper SMIT

[11.2254.11.2] Anna Davina de Waal *c1895 x Henry SCHAPER.

[11.2254.11.3] Johannes Hendricus *2/2/1905 +24/2/1989

x Gertruida Sophia Johanna CARSTENS

Died at Parrow Cape Town and death notice signed by lawyers Smit Kruger and Potgieter.

[12.2254.11.31] Johannes Hendricus *c1917

[12.2254.11.32] Mathilda Johanna *c1919 x SCHULTZ

[12.2254.11.33] Jacobus Everhadus *c1921

[12.2254.11.34] Martha Jacoba Elizabeth *c1923 x MAIZE

[12.2254.11.35] Pieter Ulrich (Child deceased)

[12.2254.11.36] Dirk Jacobus (Child Deceased)


ç* [10.22581] Johann Sebastiaan * 1860

x1888 Sophia Maria SCHICKERLING

[11.225811] Hendrik Carel Vos *c1885

[12.2258111] Norman *c1908

[11.225812] John (Jacob ) Schickerling Vos *1890 +1951 è*

[11.225813] Helina Hilda *1895 +1965 x WINDELBAUM

[11.225814] Alida Aletta Vos *25/5/1898 x MOMSEN

[11.225815] Johannes Sebastiaan Vos *7/6/1900 +4/11/1982

x Florence May OSLER formerly RHEEDERS *17/9/1907 +14/3/1963



ç* [8.241] Johan David *1778 +24/4/1845

Arrived at the Cape in 1799. A butcher in Cape Town. Born in Leonberg, Wurttemberg, Germany. He had a Grocery in cape Town. Lived and died in 14 Bloem Street, Cape Town. When he died he left stock in shop worth 30 pounds, and immoveable property

The 'father' of the second line of Leibbrandt in South Africa.

x Johanna Francina MULLER

Daughter of Johann George MULLER and Maria DE BEER

[9.2411] Dina Margaretha =1802 *1801 x Capt. J NASH

[9.2412] Johan Michael *c1802 +1/5/1854 è*

[9.2413] Johan George *c1805

?? Johann David *c1807 +1807

[9.2414] Johan Sebastiaan *c1810

?? Johann Fredrick *c1811 +1811

[9.2415] Francicus Josephus *1816 +1846 è*

[9.2416] Maria Francina *c1818 x Sievert KIRSTEN

[9.2417] Aletta Christina *1823 +16/8/1865 x Evert VAN DYK.

[9.2418] Johan Philip Joseph *c1825 è*



ç* [9.2412] Johan Michael *c1802 +1/5/1854

A shopkeeper and when he died all children were minors. He died an uncertified insolvent, in his home at Waterkant Street Cape Town. His age was stated at about 44 years on the death notice. He had moveable and immovable property under sequestration. His wife Johanna BASSON must have been a lady of 'courage'; five children and no money!

x Johanna Catharina Esserina BASSON

[10.24121] Maria Francina *c1840

[10.24122] Hendrik Albertus *1841 +4/11/1891

x Maria Magdalena Anna BEYERS *1857 +1905

Was 14 years younger than husband Hendrik. Father: Martinus BEYERS, and her mother: Anna Carolina BEYERS born BRUIK. Magdalena (BEYERS) was described as a LADY on the death notice. Died 16 Jannusan St Gardens Cape Town. An educated person, signed Hendrik's death notice as 'Executrix'.

[11.241221] Maria Sophia Catharina *c1879 x DE WET

[11.241222] Johanna Catharina *c1881

[11.241223] Anna Marthena *c1883 x ANDVIS

[11.241224] Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer *1885 +1952 è*

[11.241225] Adriana Helegonda *c1887

[10.24123] Johan David *1842 +1908 è*

[10.24124] Johan Michael *1846 +1925

A retired gentleman, died at 12 Wigtown Rd, Green Point Cape Town. Left all his property to his sixth child Cathrine Susan, a sum of 633 pounds, in 1925. Son George signed the death note.

x Catharina Gertrude FISHER. +1921

[11.241241] Johann Michael Fischer *1870 +1943 è*

[11.241242] Gertruida Wilhelmina *c1871 x George DELL

[11.241243] Christoffel Coenraad *1874 +1909

x Winifred Kate RITCHIE (No issue)

[11.241244] Hendrik Albertus *1876 +1897 p *

Member of the Staatsartillerie. Died just before the Anglo Boer War.

[11.241245] Johanna *c1878 x Martin TORSTENSEN

[11.241246] Catharina Susanna *1886 +1978

[11.241247] George *1888 +2/8/1970 (No issue)

[10.24125] Adriana Hildagonda *c1850 +1/5/1906


ç* [9.2415] Franciscus Josephus *1816 +16/9/1846

x Johanna Elizabeth Georgina SPENGLER

[10.24151] Johanna Elizabeth Agusta *c1839

[10.24152] Maria Francina *c1841 (Uncle JPJ a Tutor)



ç* [10.24123] Johann David *1842 +5/5/1908

Married twice. First wife was the daughter of Ignatius Theodorus MULLER and Hester Magdalena MULLER born KRITZINGER. Johan's wife Hester died in her son in laws house 39 Roeland Street Cape Town. Johan, a widower at the age of 43 years, married a second time to Maria Magdalena BEYERS. Evidence shows that this Maria Magdalena BEYERS is not the same person above (Hendrik 's wife) due to two reasons. Hendrik's wife was 'Anna ' and Johan David 's death notice signed M M Leibbrandt dated 1908. Anna died in 1905.

Remarkably the handwriting (signature ) looks identical and all other factors, age etc, would tie in with given data. Data such as two names the same and surname BEYERS the same.

The name De Leeu, given to Johan David 's last child suggests that Maria Magdalena 's mothers maiden name was DE LEEU.

x1864 Hester Magdalena MULLER. +1887.

xx Magdalena Maria BEYERS.

[11.241231] Sidney Albert Oliver *1868 +17/7/1942 è*

[11.241232] John Percival Muller *1871 +6/11/1923 è*

[11.241233] Herbert Leopold Marquard *1872 +1943 è*

[11.241234] John David Fischer *1874 +1914 è*

[11.241235] Blanche Maud Magdalene *1877 +1967 x A. VAN DER RIET.

[11.241236] Lavinia Agnes Emerton *1880 +1969 x A. HOWIE.

[11.241237] James Burchell *1884 +1966 è*

[11.241238] Johanna De Leeu Beyers


ç* [11.241231] Sidney Albert Oliver *1868 +1942

A retired miner, and lived in Clackton Rd Kensington Johannesburg. Married in Christiana Transvaal. Although he had two sons the 'line' dies out; both sons childless.

x Johanna Magrietha NEL

[12.2412311] Johann David *1908 +1919

[12.2412312] John Abraham *1911 +13/11/1971

A race horse trainer, lived at 92 Ronald Rd Durban.

x Maureen WALBERGER (Divorced)

xx Petronella WESSELS.(No issue)



ç* [11.241232] John Percival Muller *1871 +1923 p *

Worked a Okiep Copper mine northern Cape, where he met Jean Lily TOWNSEND. Moved to Cape Town where he was the manager of the South Arm Docks. Later moved to Johannesburg where he was a partner in Osch and Co. His wife, the 17th child of George Seaborn TOWNSEND, died in the 'flu' epidemic of 1917. Two years later he married Dorothea SCHEEPERS. His first family would not accept the second wife, and they believed 'Percy' committed suicide due to his wife running up bad debts.

Died in a house in Richmond Aye, Auckland Park. Earlier lived an a house in 153a Quartz Street, Hillbrow. Buried with his first wife in Auckland Park cemetery.

x Jean Lily TOWNSEND. *1875 +1917 p *

[12.2412321] Percival Fred *1895 +1975 è*

[12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982 è*

[12.2412323] Sydney George David *1899 +1968 è*

[12.2412324] Freda Magdalena *c1900 x Cyril GELDART p *

[12.2412325] Audrey Blanche *1902 +1948 p *

[12.2412326] Victor Muller Payne *1904 è*

[12.2412327] Jean Hester *1906 +1956 x Ronald SUTHERLAND p *

[12.2412328] Hugh Maxwell *1910 +1910

[12.2412329] Marie Maud (Billie) *1911 x Edward Vernon HULSE p *

xx Dorothea Susanna SCHEEPERS *1888 +1981

[12.241232.10] John Meyer *1920 è*

[12.241232.11] Evelyn Johanna *1922 +1944

(Jean daughter of George Seaborn, Sara Payne TOWNSEND.)


ç* [11.241233] Herbert Leopold Marquard *1872 +15/3/1943

A government Land Surveyor. Resided and married in Klerksdorp. A very hospitable man and also known as an educationalist. Had many land deals in partnership with his brother Sidney, and mostly to do with mining. Reputedly lost a fortune as a result of being cheated out of land rights by other parties. Much too kind-hearted, and his home was welcome to all friends and relations.

Daughter Tertia married to Patrick Dyer the deputy sheriff of Pretoria. Two children from this marriage, Joe and Tertia. Dorothy married Ferdie Berg a rugby Springbok.

x Blanche Adeline BANTJES *1877 +22/2/1952

[12.2412331] Adeline Elize Maud *c1896 x William Henry EVERARD *c1895

[12.2412332] Hester Magdalena *c1898 x John H MEE *c1897

[12.2412333] Blanche Tertia *c1900 x Patrick DYER *c1889

[12.2412334] Dorothy *c1902 x Ferdinand BERG *c1901



ç* [11.241234] John David Fischer *1874 +2/4/1914

A railway contractor. Died at 4 Wilhelmina St, Troyville Johannesburg.

x Verginia Gertrude STOREY

[12.2412341] Gertrude Magdalena Rebecca *1901

[12.2412342] Violet Eileen *1903

[12.2412343] Mabel Irene *1905

[12.2412344] Doris Blanche *1911 +1956


ç* [11.241237] James Burchell *1884 +24/4/1966

The youngest male son of Johann David *1842 +1908 Known as ' A gentleman and a very kind person'. Worked on the mines as a Reduction Works manager Geldenhuis deep and others. During the 1922 strike would not join the strikers, and was known as a 'scab', and when the violent mob came to look for him (probably to kill him), he hid under the bed with his son Gerald. Later in his declining years he assisted Gerald in the Durban View Hotel Durban as barman. He was a 'teetotaller'!

He married Ellen COETZEE in Pietermaritzburg. Ellen was born in Ceres Cape 11.6,1887 and died in Johannesburg +1976. Known as a kind and upright woman and a very good cook. Also helped in the Durban View Hotel as a Manager Housekeeper. The Hotel was known as a 'Family Hotel'.

x Ellen Johanna COETZEE *1887 +1976

[12.2412371] Arthur Henry *7/11/1913 +28/10/1975

Trained as an Electrician. Worked for the Rand Water Board, and later joined Henry LEPKE in a factory that became First Electric. He served for many years as Chief Inspector, and as First Electric was renowned for their products he must have been very efficient. During a visit to Cape Town he was set upon by some 'skollies' and injured badly. He never 'fully' recovered and died in 1975 probably as a result of his injuries

x1937 Ethel Victoria BARNET.

[13.24123711] Joan Louise *1944

[12.2412372] Ivan Alfred *31/3/1915 +24/8/1991 è*

[12.2412373] Gerald Lawrence *10/5/1918 è*

[12.2412374] Muriel Magdalene *1920 x1942 James Henderson FREW.


ç* [12.2412372] Ivan Alfred *31/3/1915. +24/8/1991

Ivan served in the mines as Chief Assayer and in fact it could be said he 'took over ' his fathers job' (James Burchell *1884 +1966 ). During the 1939-1945 war he served in the SAPPERS. Well renowned for bravery he was awarded the M.M. During the war he was seconded to Modderfontein Dynamite Works and was injured in an explosion. His right eye and face were injured, and the injury was repaired to some extent by the famous plastic surgeon Dr Jack Penn. He could still see to some degree from his injured eye.

x1939 Lilian SHORT

[13.24123721] Delyse Elaine *1941.x Rodney SHIPTON

[13.24123722] Ivan James *1943

[13.24123723] Alfred Charles *1943



ç* [12.2412373] Gerald Lawrence *10/5/1918

Born in Johannesburg at the Kensington Sanatorium. Educated at Malvern Inter High. A choir boy at the Anglican Church. First job obtained with the help of cousin George (12.2412323) who worked for the E.S.C. The next employment was also with cousin George's help and was with the S.A. Permanent Building Society The S.A. Perm was a place of work for Gerald on an on / off basis for many years. During the war years Gerald joined firstly the Transvaal Scottish, where he had an embarrassing moment. In 1939-1945 one had to volunteer for service outside S A (the Red Tab).Just prior to the call for volunteers he had an accident with a drunk driver and had to wait for the case to be called. This, unfairly as was later shown, was labelled by the C 0 as unpatriotic. The case was called, Gerald was paid damages, and then he joined the I.L.H. with a Red Tab. Gerald like many Leibbrandts was an excellent marksman. He came back from serving in Egypt to Wits Command and in 1945 after demobilization worked for S A Perm again.

In 1946 Gerald married Marjorie SURGEON. Gerald and Marjorie managed (took over) the running of Durban View Hotel, for two years. This was the Hotel 'stage' as Gerald worked at Umhlanga Rocks hotel, then Sea Sands and back to Durban View. Many building projects were completed by Gerald on the Durban View, with great skill and ingenuity. In 1967 Gerald again joined the Perm, built two houses and then retired in 1983, to his and Marjorie's home at 41 Chartwell Drive Umhlanga.

x26/1/1946. Marjorie SURGEON *1922

[13.24123731] Noel Burchell *6/12/1946

Obtained a B.Sc. Geology degree / Agronomist.

x1976 Penelope Isabel HOLFORD

[13.24123732] Christopher Lawrence *1949

Obtained a B.A. Industrial psychology degree.

x1991 Karyn WILLIAMS

[13.24123733] Margaret Beth *1955

x1976 James RALPH

xx1985 Gary David PEARSON


ç* [12.2412321] Percival Fred *1895 +1975 p *

Mine Surveyor and very competent Mine Manager. Served in the Gunners 1914-1918 war, SW Africa and East Africa. Good musician with sometimes strange habits. Good marksman, Elephant hunter. Biography of ‘My Dad’ by [13.24123222] Douglas Paul (his nephew) gives a greater overview.

x Doris Pricilla REID (Divorced)

[13.24123211] Peter Val *1928 +1990 Electrician.

x1951 Lorna CARTER.

[14.241232111] Clifford Peter *1952 x1976 Christine VINJEVOLD.

[14.241232112] Glynnis *1954 x1987 John LIVERSAGE.

[14.241232113] Murray *1959 x1959 Shirley CREIGHTON.

[13.24123212] Robin Victor *1933 +1976 Died as a bachelor.

xx Mary Elizabeth BRERTON



ç* [12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982 p *

A biography of Douglas is in the Pretoria Archives. An Electrical/Mechanical Engineer graduate of School of mines,( before Wits University established), Chief Electrical Engineer S.A.R. 1939, responsible for a large section of Electric Train system in S.A. Wife Violet Louisa (Vera) PATTERSON was the daughter of colonial James Joseph Benjamin Patterson and Winifred WOOD, born in Scotland. First husband, (divorced, a Mr. Jones ) had three daughters, Forna a Nursing Sister and matron Baragwanath Hospital, Verdell married Hans WECHSLER and Barbara married Hugh LITTLETON.

x30/6/1923. Violet Louisa (Vera) PATTERSON formerly JONES *1891 +1951 p *

[13.24123221] Victor Sydney *1924 Doctor (M.B. B.Ch Wits) p *

[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927 è*


ç* [12.2412326] Victor Muller Payne *1904 p *

Biography Pretoria Archives. A Lawyer and Magistrate. Wife Constance of Welsh parents, a Lady of distinction.

Children: Owen a very successful businessman. Shirley married to Michael STILES immigrated to Canada where she is a prominent teacher and administrator in Schooling. Husband Michael Professor at Edmonton University.

x1933 Constance Grace DAVIES *1911 p *

[13.24123261] Owen Victor *1934 è*

[13.24123262] Shirley Jean *1936 x1959 Michael STILES (Prof.) Teacher, School administrator. Live in Edmonton, Canada with 5 children; Jeanie, Janet, Michael, Sally and Roland (adopted) p *


ç* [12.2412323] Sydney George David *1899 +1968 p *

A CIS administrator of E.S.C.O.M. A very kind man, loved dogs; also attempted to trace the LEIBBRANDT family tree, with Agnes RISSIEK (BEWARE INCORRECT COPIES, not by Agnes). Troubled by and died of psychosomatic asthma. His wife ran the house (and George).

x Martha Eleanor GOULDIE

[13.24123231] Lorraine *1929 x Alexander Konstantin VON MEMERTY.

[13.24123232] Irving *1931 +1995 è*


ç* [12.241232.10] John Meyer *1920

x1943 Nance Catherine JONES

[13.241232.10.1] Michelle *1943

[13.241232.10.2] Leslie John *1948

x1971 Susan HARDWICK

[14.241232.10.21] Dean Meyer *1971

xx1976 Margaret McKENDRICK

[14.241232.10.22] Kim *1979

[14.241232.10.23] Leigh Ann *1985.



ç* [13.24123232] Irving *1931 +1995

x Robin NORRIS

[14.241232321] Mandy *8/11/60

x1980. Terence Paul Denis EVERSON

[12/3/1987] David Paul

[13/11/1989] Sara Jayne

[14.241232322] Kirsty *11/3/63

x1983 Richard Jeremy THOMAS *1954 (divorced)

[12/4/1985] Steven

xx1991 Robert Gordon Alexander GARDINER

[12/8/1992] Duncan Gordon, and Jeremy Raymond. Twins.

[14.241232323] Lisa *7/1/1971 x Marc Rudolf KRUGER.

[2/7/1993] Heather-Rose.


ç* [10.22925] Sebastiaan Johannes *1859 +10/7/1930

An artist, painter. His second marriage to Cornelia VILJOEN was in Heilbron. Died at 78 Barnes road, Brixton Johannesburg. His first wife died in the Slagfontein district O F S, and was born at Heilbron.

x Johanna Hendrika Aderjana CILLIERS *1870 +1896

daughter of Pieter Abraham CILLIERS and Jacoba Catharina born ROETS

xx Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN *1871 +1945

[11.229251] Jacoba Catharina *c1890 x LANDMAN

[11.229252] Pieter Willem Heydeman *c1891

[11.229253] Pieter Abraham *1895 +1960 è*

[11.229254] Johanna Maria *1893 +5/10/1919

x Pieter Hendrik KRITZINGER (Piet Retief District)

xx Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN

[11.229255] Susanna Johanna *c1898 x Dirk Cornelius SWART

[11.229256] Sebastiaan Johannes *1903 +1983 è*

[11.229257] Woter Willem *1905

[11.229258] Cornelia Etrica *1907 x John Henry LANG

[11.229259] Sophia Johanna Maria *1909 x Christiaan Jacob LOWRENS.



ç* [10.2258.12] Albert Henry *7/7/1881 +30/6/1944

Died at Kenthurst, Banksia Rd. Rosebank Cape Town Attended school SACKS College Cape Town. A soldier in the Cape Town Highlanders, Anglo-Boer war. He played the bagpipes, and the Violin. He ran the Municipal Wash House in Hanover Street, district 6 Cape Town.

He and his wife were renowned for their kindness as they befriended many young people in all sorts of trouble and cared for them in their home.

x1903 Helena Cecilia VON DOMARUS

[10.2258.12.1] Cecil St Clair *1902 x Violet

[10.2258.12.2] William Albert *1904 +1994 è*

[10.2258.12.3] Olga Marie *c1906 x BARNARD

[10.2258.12.4] Eileen Louise *c1908 p *

x1931 Johann Christiaan PENTZ

xx1972 Andrew SMIT

[10.2258.12.5] Mary Ruth PONTER (adopted )*1920 x Bertram BERMAN


ç* [10.22914] Johann Sebastiaan *c1857 +1904

Admitted Law Agent, Auctioneer, Liquidator of Estates. Died Cloetes Boarding house Bethlehem.

This Free State family suffered as a result of the concentration camp policy in the Anglo-Boer war of 1900. Four of their children died in the camp and only two survived. Johann was in the Boer forces and when the war was over claimed compensation for the loss of his farm and livestock. He died not long after, and after his son was born. His wife a CLOETE had the trauma of signing all the children's death notices.

x Margaretha Elizabeth CLOETE. *1872 +1901

[11.229141] Henrietta *1893

[11.229142] Jan Sebastiaan Cloete *1895 +1918

This is the only son to survive the above and was killed on active service with the 2nd S A Infantry in the 1918 World War. His wife born a HAVENGA died in the Edenvale Hospital, lived at 11 Church Street Florida, Roodepoort and died destitute.

x Anna Maria HAVENGA

[12.2291421] John Sebastiaan (Cloete) *4/3/1916 +1/7/1977 è*

[11.229143] Aletta Petronella Catharina *1895

[11.229144] Willem Karl von Gorkom *1897 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229145] John *1898 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229146] Cornelia Dorothea Cloete *1900 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp

[11.229147] Christina Wilhelmina Davel *1900 +1901

Died in Kroonstad Concentration camp


ç* [11.241224] Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer *1885 +1958

A manager of 'Stumets' a tobacco and snuff company in Cape Town. Was known as a very good generous man (one of his friends referred to him as a saint) His wife was one of the old Oudtshoorn family of DE WET.

x Maria Magdalena Elizabeth DE WET *12/7/1893 +15/9/1981

[12.2412241] Aubrey Fred *c1918

x Hazel SPINKS

[13.24122421] Derek Brian *1956 +1982 x Karen CROWLEY

[13.24122422] Linda *1958 +1994

[12.2412242] Victor *1921 +1992

All the above information gained from a letter from Kathleen Victor 's wife, in a letter.

Mentioned that Linda *1925 +1994 suffered from Downs syndrome.

x1948 Kathleen Margaret JENNINGS *2/12/1925

[13.24122411] Godfrey Ian *19/11/1961

x1993 Ann KARLSON.

[14.241224111] Alexander *29/7/1993


ç* [9.2523] Coenraad Hendrik *c1813

x Maria Magdalena LACOCK

[10.25231] Maria Magdalena *1835 +8/2/1904

x Jacobus Wilhelmus VAN NIEKERK

[10.25232] Maynard Lacock *1838 +5/7/1887

A Livery Stable owner in Grahamstown. Buried in Grahamstown Anglican cemetery No 31. The reason for stating that the first wife is unknown is that the death notice was signed by a stepson for the second wife Sara. Initials C H ( Coenraad Hendrik ) same as the grandfather!

x (Wife unknown)

[11.252321] Coenraad Hendrik *C1860 è*

xx Sara CALVERT.


ç* [9.2525] Johan Christoffel Carel *1817 +1894

Born at Doom Hoogte (Wynberg Flats).This man was a grocer and a farmer. He died at Sir Lowry Road in Cape Town. This line dies out as he only had daughters.

x Maria Johanna STIGLINGH *1823 +1892

[10.25251] Carolina Petronella *1857 +3/1/1920

x John Christopher VON EDEN

xx William NISBET

[10.25252] Maria Johanna *c1860 x BEUKES

[10.25253] Elizabeth Charlotte *1863 +1903 x John William STEGMAN.

[10.25254] Christina Johanna *1865 +1914 x Daniel David VAN DER MERWE.



ç* [9.2526] Richard Joseph John *c1818

Lived in Clermont Cape. Wife died at the house of a VAN DER POLL in Clermont. Her father was Jacobus and her mother Johanna MOSTERT. Daughter Maria KORSTEN signed the death note.

x Maria Christina MOSTERT *1822 +24/4/1890

[10.25261] Maria *c1842 x KORSTEN

[10.25262] Jacobus *c1845 è*

[10.25263] Didrik *c1855

[10.25264] Hendrik Johannes *5/11/1861 +9/8/1909 è*

[10.25265] Johanna *c1862


ç* [9.2527] Johan David George *c1825

x Maria Carolina

[10.25271] Fredrick Coenraad *1851 +1922

This man was probably a farmer as died at 'the inloop district' of Bethlehem. Dated at Reitz 1922. The death notice is confusing as wife Francina was probably a SWARTZ.

x Francina Jacoba (Mostert) SWARTZ *1868 +16/2/1898

[10.25271] Fredrick Coenraad *1851 +1922

x Francina Jacoba SWARTZ *1868 +1898

xx Petronella Sebella VISSER.

[11.252711] Helena Johann Maria *c1889

x Hendrik Johannes VAN DER WATT.

[11.252712] Johan David *1893 è*

[11.252713] Francois (Frank) Jacobus *c1895

[10.25272] Jacob Johann Hendrik *1868 +1942 è*


ç* [10.25262] Jacobus *c1845


[11.252621] Jacobus *1865 +29/5/1918

Born in Malmesbury and died at Oakdale Bellvue. A strange entry on the death notice was, at the bottom of the note, under the signature was the name Jacob written. The note was signed by the wife Elizabeth.

x Elizabeth Margaret

[122526211].Jacobus (Jacob ) Cornelius *1893 +1942 è*

[12.25262112] Stephanus *c1895

[12.25262113] Catrina Sophia *c1897

[12.25262114] John *c1899



ç* [11.252321] Coenraad Hendrik *c1860

Lived in Grahamstown. The tragic situation for his family is that two sons died young, see below.

x Agnes Ann JAQUES

[12.2523211] Maynard Lacock *12/11/1887 +23/10/1963 è*

[12.2523212] Albert Arthur *1895 +1913

Died at 35 Richmond Hill Port Elizabeth. Born in Grahamstown and was an apprentice lithographer. Died 18 years old.

[12.2523213] William Graham *1907 +1914

Died in Port Elizabeth Hospital. Lived at 10 Currie Street, Grahamstown. From this can be assumed that he lived at his parents home, as he was only 7 years old when he died. The death notice was signed by, (can not read the signature ) and shown as BROTHER-IN-LAW. Somewhere is there a SISTER? Or does it mean the brother-in-law to the father.!


ç* [9.2418] Johan Philip Joseph *c1822

This information was gleaned from a Jacobus Andreas number [11.241814]. His letter gave only the date of the letter, and he also gave his age. Note how the 'family name' Johann Philip Joseph is used.

x Huibrecht BESTER

[10.24181] Johan Philip Joseph *c1863 (1870)

x Magdalena Johanna Catharina SLABBER.

[11.241811] Johann Philip Joseph *c1894 x Nellie BICCARD.

[11.241812] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *1896 +1983 è*

[11.241813] Johann David *1901 +1982 è*

[11.241814] Jacobus Andreas *1903 è*

[11.241815] Maarten Slabber *1905 +1977 è*

[11.241816] Theunis Gerhadus *1913 +1984 è*

[11.241817] Maria *c1915 x Frans JOOSTE

[11.241818] Huibrecht *c1917 x Andrew SMIT

[11.241819] Jacomina *c1919 x Pieter PIENAAR

[11.24181.10] Magdalena (Died in infancy)


ç* [11.241812] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *3/11/1896 +13/5/1983

Born in Clanwilliam. Died at Robari old age home. Note the information in file EMF 1934, about the son Andries Michael 's wife, Elizabeth ROUX. File 5385/82 Pretoria, Elizabeth Maureen *1934 +1982.

x Anna Tobias BICCARD

[12.2418121] Johann Philip Joseph *c1921

[12.2418122] Andries Michael *c1926 è*

[12.2418123] Petrus Jacobus Sybrand *c1925

[12.2418124] Petronella Elizabeth *c1927 x PONTON


ç* [11.241813] Johann David *8/1/1901 +28/11/1982

Died at 14 Diana Crescent Sanddrift. Death notice signed by J (Johanna , nee ROSSOUW ?) Leibbrandt. 19 Cassula Pinelands.

x Johanna Jacoba ROSSOUW *30/6/1901 +5/8/1972

[12.2418131] Johann Philip Joseph *c1923

[12.2418132] Pieter Hendrik *c1925

[12.2418133] Cornelia Johanna *c1927 x DE GOEDE

[12.2418134] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1929 x NEWMAN.


ç* [11.241814] Jacobus Andreas *1903

Letter from Jacobus stated amongst many wrong 'word of mouth stories' some of the following. He worked for Nasionale Pers Bpk: for 50 years and retired at the age of 69. Competed in the 50 mile walk at the Cape,-5 times. Before the gathering of the prize giving committee he refused to accept his Gold medal as Leibbrandt was spelt with one 'B' !! ( True Leibbrandt tradition.) Lived at 42 Beaufort Street, Goodwood. Listed his family without any dates but from death notes dates were obtained. Wife Sophia AUSSERHOOFFER gave father and mother as Fredrik Albrecht, and Dirkje Catharina AUSSERHOFFER.

x Sophia Christina Jacoba AUSSERHOFFER *1910 +1/3/1967

[12.2418141] Magdelena Johanna Catharina *c1930

[12.2418142] Christo *c1932

[12.2418143] John Philip Joseph *c1934

[12.2418144] Fredrik Albrecht Sadie *c1936

[12.2418145] Andreas Jacobus *c1938

[12.2418146] Pieter Hendricus Jacobus *c1940

[12.2418147] Dirkje Catharina *c1942 x SWANEPOEL.


ç* [11.241815] Maarten Slabber *27/4/1905 +11/6/1977

The line ends for this person with 3 daughters. Wife Mathilda known as 'May'. Father and mother were William John Edward and Sophia Elizabeth Brink KINGON born LOUW. Sophia died in Huis de Kiulen, Kuilsrivier.

x Mathilda Meyer KINGON. *1906 +1983

[12.2418151] Helena Sophia Elizabeth *c1929 x DE VILLIERS.

[12.2418152] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1931 x ATKINSON.

[12.2418153] Philene Meyer *c1933 x BLOM



ç* [11.241816] Theunis Gerhadus *4/9/1913 +6/10/1984

This family is a continuation of the Leibbrandt Slabber family.

x Johanna Barbara SMIT.(divorced 1941.)

[12.2418161] Johann Philip Joseph *1935 +1972 è*

[12.2418162] Janetta Jacoba *c1937 +1984 x VAN DER WESTHUIZEN.

[12.2418163] Magdalena Johanna Catharina *c1939 x PRETORIUS.

xx Maria Cornelia SMITH +4/10/1944

[12.2418164] Hester Anna Johanna *c1941 x TEUNISSEN.

[12.2418165] Theunis Gerhardus Slabber *c1943

[12.2418166] Johanna Barbara *c1944 x RAUBENHEIMER.



ç* [12.2418161] Johann Philip Joseph *1935 +1972

Was a clerk SAS and H Durban. Died at Oudtshoorn.

x Anna Maria Elizabeth Magdalena STEYN

[13.24181611] Anna Catharina *24/4/1960 x LE ROES.

[13.24181612] Theunis Gerhadus *20/11/1962

[13.24181613] Thomas Frederick *9/2/1963

[13.24181614] Maria Cornelia Barendina *19/4/1964


ç* [11.241241] Johann Michael Fischer *1870 +1943 p *

This man was in De La Rey's commando in the Anglo Boer War of 1899. Died at 'Raymond ' Rosmead Aye, Kenilworth. Was an art collector and left valuable paintings in his will.

x Margaret Maria LE ROUX

[12.2412411] Margaretha Katharina Maria *c1892 x VON BONDE.

[12.2412412] Winifred Petronella *c1894 x ROUX


ç* [10.2258.12.2] William Albert *c1904 p *

This is the grandson of H C V Leibbrandt.

Worked as a hospital pharmacist at AECI Cape. A Mason at the Somerset West Lodge, and was chairman twice. A committed Christian of the Strand Methodist Church, and sang in the Choir. A piper in the Cape Town Highlanders when he was young.

x Catharina Elizabeth FERREIRA *1906 +19/10/1959

Father was John (Johannes ) FERREIRA and her mother Embrenzie FERREIRA of Rooivlakte P 0 Hankey Cape Town. Born in Humansdorp.

[11.2258.12.21] Brenda-Mare *1939 x Antony Roy WOODWARD.

[11.2258.12.22] Ursula *22/6/1942 x Peter du Pre LE ROUX.

[11.2258.12.23] John Albert Henry *13/10/1945.

The Chief Marine Engineer on the Diamond dredgers, SAFMARINE.

xx Ephnie ALEXANDER formerly ROGERS


ç* [12.2526211] Jacobus (Jacob ) Cornelius *1893 +19/5/1942

This man married a REX (British royal family). Was Guard on the SAR. Resided 31 Church St Goodwood, and 9 Gordon Road Observatory

x Muriel Amelia REX

[13.25262111] Reginald Oseland *28/11/1923

Another line of Leibbrandts comes to an end.

x Johanna Susanna DE ROBAIX *1926 +1969

Mothers name was Martha Sophia DE ROBAIX.

[14.252621111] Carin Lyn *1957

[14.252621112] Noleen Glenda *1959

[13.25262112] Stanley Edgar *25/7/1925

[13.25262113] Cyril Stuart *23/11/1927

[13.25262114] Michael Leonard *30/10/1937


ç* [11.225812] John (Jacob ) Hendrik Schickerling Vos *1890 +1951

x Johanna Elizabeth *1891 +1930

[12.2258121] Reginald Kenneth *13/6/1918 +1/6/1990 è*

[12.2258122] Fredrick Isaac *29/10/1919+18/1/1970 è*


ç* [11.229262] Pieter Willem Haaike *1892 +27/7/1955

Farmed in the Annarust district of Harrismith

x Hester Jacoba RETIEF *26/6/1896 +23/7/1980

[12.2292621] Hendrik Albertus Jacobus *c1933

[12.2292622] Pieter Willem Haaike *10/3/1935 +6/2/1981 è*

[12.2292623] Anna Leone *c1937 x Louis Antonie VAN REENEN


ç* [11.229243] Frans Johannes Jacobus *1891 +27/9/1956

A farmer

x Maria Magdalena Albertha MAREE *1898 +19/12/1963

[12.2292431] Pieter Willem Charles *18/3/1920 +2/11/1983


[12.22924311] Stella *c1942 x David Johannes BARNARD

[12.22924312] Frans Johannes Jacobus *c1946.

[12.22924313] Marie Margritha Albertha *1950 x Gideon Jacobus VAN WYK.

[12.22924314] Johannes Cornelius *16/10/1954

xx Cornelia Christina Elizabeth BOTHA born SMITH *6/2/1928



ç* [12.2292411] Pieter Willem Heideman *1909

The marriage date seems to be inconsistent with other dates as the death notice showed an impossible situation with birth and marriage dates.

x1937. Elizabeth Maria *28/11/1918 +9/7/1969

[13.22924111] Pieter Marius *c1949

[13.22924112] Elsabe Magrietha *c1951

xx1970 (remarried)


ç* [11.229253] Pieter Abraham *1895 +31/7/1960

This man was a teacher, and died in Bloemfontein.

x1921 Catharina Wilhelmina LE ROUX *1897 +1980

Father Stephanus Abraham and mother Maria Johanna LE ROUX

[12.2292531] Johannes Sebastiaan *6/8/1922

[12.2292532] Stephanus Abraham *6/5/1925

[12.2292533] Pieter Abraham *9/7/1926

[12.2292534] Maria Johanna *1928 +19/2/1952 x Jacobus Johannes LOOTS.*c1926


ç* [12.2292212] Jacob Phillipus *1907 +1974

x Engela Elizabeth born KRUGER previously ROSSITER *1910 +1974

She had 2 Rossiter children: Joan Estelle x VAN DER SPUY (divorced) and Joseph William

[13.22922121] Patrica Ann *c1936

[13.22922122] Judith Estelle *c1938


ç* [12.2291213] Sidney Robey *25/1/1913 +1/8/1966 p *

This man was well known as the Nazi agent in S A during the 2nd world war. This part of the history can be read in Hans Strydom's book 'The Fourth Reich'. He went to school at Greys College where he for a dare jumped out of a second floor window for a 'tickey'. The second jump for a 'sixpence' ended in a broken leg. Never a man of learning but brave and strong beyond belief.

He won a silver medal for boxing at the Olympic Games of 1936 in the light-heavyweight division. In the bout for gold, he fought on fearlessly with a broken hand but lost the match. After returning to SA he turned professional and won the heavyweight division.

He was caught as a Nazi agent an sentenced to death subsequently to be commuted to life in prison with hard labour. He was released in 1948 when the Nationalist government came to power. Note his son Izan is Nazi spelt backwards. Robey's mother Susan Marguarite JOYCE was a cousin of William JOYCE (lord Haw-Haw) of Nazi radio fame during the 1939-1945 World War.

x c1949 Margaretha (Etha) Cornelia BOTHA

[13.22912131] Herman Robey *22/3/1950

[13.22912132] Izan Robey *10/3/1953

[13.22912133] Reyna *25/10/1958

Child with ? Schaefer: Bernd *1940 who has done some research on the Leibbrand family world-wide.



ç* [10.22587] Pieter Paul Willem Jacob *25.10 1871 p *

This man was called, on his fathers death notice, Peter Paul William James, but in the family bible he is named as above. His grandson Antony Errol has the bible.

x Emily ZINN *c1873

[11.225871] Enid Eileen *1897

[11.225872] Roberts Baden *1900 +1982

Due to remarks on the wife's death notice, this family was traced to the H C V line.

x Catherine Elizabeth TRUTER *1905 +1982

Died in Pinelands and was born in Beaufort West.

[12.2258711] Ulric Bruce *c1922

[12.2258712] Patrica *1939 x ROSS

[12.2258713] Gerald Pierre *c1927

[11.225873] St Clair Royden *1903 +1975 è*

[11.225874] Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph *1910

x Catharina Charlotte Alida MOSTERT.*1906 +1990

[12.2258741] Peter Christopher*17/7/1948

A training manager at Ford Motor Company.

x Jillian Anne STEAD *28/5/1952 +12/4/1983 (father Roland, mother Jessie)

[13.22587411] Karin Anne *10/6/1977

[13.22587412] Pamela Claire *7/1/1980

[12.2258742] Stephanie Anne *c1928

[11.225875] Lionel Herman Victor *1913 è*


ç* [12.2258122] Frederick Isaac *29/10/1919 +18/1/1970

A commercial clerk.

x Hilda Maud BOOTH.

[13.22581221] Audrey Elanor *22/1/1946

[13.22581222] Reginald Dennis *5/11/1949

[13.22581223] Peter Frederick *6/10/1952

[13.22581224] Christopher Allan *18/7/1954


ç25 [12.2258121] Reginald Kenneth *13/6/1918 +1/6/1990

x Alma Elanor ROLFE +9/6/1945

[13.22581211] Graham John *c1936

[13.22581212] Lorna Ann *c1938 x GERBER


ç*[12.2292414] Abraham Johannes Ulrich *28/8/1922 +26/9/1983

Like his father a farmer.

x Anna Barbara Wilhelmina POTGIETER *1936

[13.22924141] Pieter Willem Heideman *1956

[13.22924142] Ester Johanna Beatrice *1958 x VERMAAK.


ç* [11.252712] Johann (John) David *1893

x Olive Mary BROOKS.

[12.2527122] Irad Brooks *1/5/1923 +24/5/1986

Retired Zimbabwean born at Wankie.

x Iris Joan LEDGERTON *4/12/1919

[13.25271221] Clive Victor *27/5/1945

[13.25271222] Lyneth Anne *3/1/1947 x GOOSEN

[13.25271223] Christopher David *4/5/1949


ç* [12.2291421] John Sebastiaan (Cloete) *4/3/1916 +1/7/1977

The death notice states that they (Lorna DUNMORE) and John were married in Southshields England. Possibly the first two children are from the first marriage and the other two, second marriage. What is notable is that this man’s grandfather was one of the children to survive the concentration camp of the Anglo Boer war of 1900. See [10.22914]

x Dorothy Patrica MITCHELL. (divorced)

xx Lorna Elizabeth DUNMORE

[13.22914211] Melody *c1938

[13.22914212] Laurence *c1945

[13.22914213] Christopher *16/12/1959

[13.22914214] Michael *27/1/1962


ç* [12.2418122] Andries Michael *c1926

x Elizabeth Maureen ROUX. *8/6/1934 +23/3/1982

She had written on her death notice that her father was John ROUX and her mother was Ann ROUX. Mother Ann was alive in 1982.

[13.24181221] Ann Louise *c1959

[13.24181222] Linda Jane *9/12/1961


ç* [12.2292622] Pieter Willem Haaike *10/3/1935 +6/2/1981

x1960 Jacoba Johanna Susanna GROBLER

[13.22926221] Irma Salome *c1962

[13.22926222] Pierre Willem *c1964

[13.22926223] Eben *c1966



ç* [11.229256] Sebastiaan Johannes *8/3/1903 +1/10/1983

This death notice was comprehensive but confusing.

Thus under PELSER was noted:

Markus Johannes

Lisette Gesena Catharina

Sophia Johanna Maria (sister) (of whom??)

Sebastiaan Johannes Lourens (child of above ??)

Maria Petronella Lourens.

The death notice was signed by next of kin, Jacob Lourens Jacobus.

x Magrieta Johanna Maria *c1905

[12.2292571] Sebastiaan Johannes *1935 +1989

x Magrieta Maria Johanna DE LANGE

[13.22925611] Fredrick *c1958

[13.22925612] Johanna Jacoba *c1960 x ENGELBRECHT

[13.22925613] Sebastiaan Johannes *21/1/1964

[13.22925615] Magrieta Johanna Maria *13/4/1969 x PELSER

xx Maria Elizabeth MAREE

[12.2292562] Jacob Lourens Jacobus *c1937

[13.22925621] Markus Johannes *1962, oo Marisa Veldman *1965

[13.22925622] Gezina Catharina Elizabeth *1969


ç5 [12.2292413] Nicholaas Leonard *c1917

x Elizabeth *c1922

[13.22924131] Helena Susanna Christina (unmarried) *8/7/1947 +22/8/1972

This woman at the age of 25 died as a 'sendings werker' in the Grahamstown district. See was unmarried and must have died suddenly as her father signed the death notice 9 days later. Her grandmother was a LEONARD.


ç* [12.2523211] Mynard Lacock *12/11/1887 +23/10/1963

This man was a printer by trade. He died in Port Elizabeth of heart disease and diabetes.

x26/1/1921 Cornelia Petronella *c1890

[13.25232111] Ruth *c1914

[13.25232112] Harold Lacock *1916 +1982

This man lived in the Transvaal, probably Pretoria. See file 16118/82 Pretoria.

x Martha Maria VAN EYK

[14.252321121] Sandra Van Eyk *1948

[14.252321122] Charlene Fay *1949 x DHOOGE

[13.25232113]Lorraine *c1918



ç* [10.25264] Hendrik John (Johannes ) *5/11/1861 +9/8/1909

Died at 3 Hamman Road Clermont, Cape Town. All children of the first marriage.


[11.252641] Richard Joseph John *5/5/1889 +1944

x Maria Johanna Petronella *10/8/1901 +8/4/1984 File no: 3036/84 Cape.

[11.252642] Fanny *1884

[11.252643] John Henry Fredrick (Freddy) *1886 +13/9/1926

Lived at 6 Smith Square Woodstock. The executor of the will was Jacobus Cornelius LEIBBRANDT, number [12.2526211] John 's grandfather and Jacobus's great grandfather was Richard Joseph John , number [9.2526]. Jacobus stayed at 9 Gordon Rd Observatory.

x Ann Alice Maria McLEARY

[12.2526431] Frederick George Henry *c1911

[12.2526432] Kathleen *c1912 x VILJOEN.

[12.2526433] Doreen Thelma *c1914

[12.2526434] Terence Michael *c1916

[12.2526435] Maureen Bridget *c1918 x VAN NIEKERK.

[11.252644] Henry *1887

[11.252645] William Walter *1889

File number 4338/70. Cape.

x Maria Sophia *21/1/1895 +23/7/1970

[12.2526451] Albertus Christiaan *c1915

[12.2526452] Joyce Gwendoline *c1917

[12.2526453] Eric Harold *c1921

[12.2526411] Joseph Peter *c1920

[12.2526412] Richard Joseph John *3/2/1926 +25/12/1977

File 146/78 Cape.

x Lorraine Maud KIRSTEN

[13.25264121] Richard Peter *c1948

[13.25264122] Leigh Ann *c1950

[13.25264123] Beverley Gail *c1952

[11.252646] Jacobus Henry *1892

[11.252647] Peter George *1896




ç* [10.25272] Jacob Johann Hendrik *1868 +1942

Died at 17 De Mist Street Pretoria. Note when Jacob was 66 years old his last child was born. Similarly his father was 43 when Jacob was born.

x Anna Christina Elizabeth SCHNIJMANN.

[11.252721] Johann David Gottfreid *1923 +1990

The death notice 7213/90 Cape was confusing and the information may not be correct.

x Emma Susan Jane VAN LELYVELD *1920 +1974

[12.2527211] Anna Elizabeth *c1944 x COETZEE

xx Johanna Carolina DU TOIT

[11.252722] Susarah Susanna *1925.

[11.252723] Maria Elizabeth *1927 x MOSTERT

[11.252724] Johann Jacob Hendrik *1932

[11.252725] Cornelius Johannes *1934


ç* [13.24123261] Owen Victor *1934 p *

x1960 Beryl BRADFIELD

[14.241232611] Desiree *1961

[14.241232612] Jacqueline *1962 x1982 Peter GRAHAM.

[14.241232613] Anthony *1964 x Lauren PECK.


ç* [11.225873] St Clair Royden *1903 +1975 p *

Shared the same initials as [12.2291213] Sidney Robey, which was a burden during World War 2, since he as fighting for the Allies in the SA forces and Robey was a wanted Nazi spy. He denied any relationship, but perhaps he was unaware they share a common ancestor [7.22 Johann Sebastian] who arrived at the Cape in 1774, a great-great-grandfather.

x Myrtle Dorothy Florence McKAY *1910 p *

[12.2258731] Anthony Errol *23/4/1940 p *

x1/7/1967 Myra DONALDSON *18/5/1947 +18/5/1995 Tragically died on the 48th anniversary of her birthday of cancer. A traumatic loss to her husband and family.

[13.22587311] Gregory John and [13.22587312] Grant Robin *9/10/1068 (twins)

[13.22587313] Warren Errol *4/1/1971

[13.22587314] Lauren Anne and [13.22587315] Dale Lawrence *24/7/1974 (twins)

[13.22587316] Dean St Clair *24/8/1976

xx1995 Daphne Gwendoline (Wendy) PARK *C1947

[12.2258732] David Royden *9/3/1945


[13.22587321] Brian *c1965

[13.22587322] Craig *c1967

[13.22587323] Derek *1969


ç* [13.24123222] Douglas Paul * 31/3/1927 p *, * & *

x9/7/1949 and xxx30/4/1966Yvonne Mabel KRUGER * 2/8/1929 daughter of Daniel Francois KRUGER *1/11/1896 +21/4/1952 (son of Jacobus Alwyn KRUGER *1873 +1964) and Amy Louise Mabel VON ALBACH *1903 +1948.

[14.241232221] Bruce Douglas *17/7/1950 p *

A Therapeutic Massage Therapist, residing in Denver, Colorado, USA

x Maureen CUBITT *22/8/1952 (divorced)

[14.2412322211] Lauren Paula *29/5/1980

[14.2412322212] Stewart Douglas 25/5/1984

- Jenny Jacobson *06/01/1964

[14.2412322213] Samantha Gretchen *25/02/1985

xx Barbara PADDON 1.6.1956 (divorced)

xxx Sally WILCOX *26/01/1960 (American)

[14.2412322214] Reed Paul *12/8/1997

[14.2412322215] Molly Yvonne *16/1/2000

[14.241232222] Steven Richard *2/2/1952 p *

BSc., MSc. (University of Natal, Durban). Electrical Engineer, residing in Karlsruhe Germany, and Atlanta, GA., USA.

x Uli METZ *8/2/1954 (German)

[14.2412322221] Vincent Paul *11/6/1989

[14.2412322222] Raphael Tobias *14/6/1992

[14.241232223] David John *8/10/1953 p *

Motor mechanic. Residing in Townsville, Australia.

x Valerie Cheryl WALTERS *8/4/1955

[14.2412322231] Nicholas Scott *17/6/1982

[14.2412322232] Christopher Ross *27/12/1984

[14.2412322233] Justin David *13/6/1990

[14.241232224] Gary Colin *8/11/1954 p *

BSc. (University of Natal, Durban), MBA. Mechanical Engineer.

x Elize VAN HUYSSTEEN *9/6/1957

[14.2412322241] Esti Yvonne *30/11/1984

[14.2412322242] Johnathan Colin *16/12/1987

[14.2412322243] Amy Louise *11/01/1993

[14.241232225] Peter Allan *19/6/1956 p *

B Comm. (University of Natal, Durban), Software Developer.

x Leonie STRYDOM *21/4/1949 (divorced)

[14.2412322251] Kari *30/8/1980 x2001 Gordon ROBERTS *

xx Madeleine WHEELER *1962 (divorced)

Residing in Hastings, New Zealand.

[14.2412322252] Stacey Bronwyn *02/09/1988

[14.2412322253] Daniel Paul *04/06/1988

xx1960 Pamela Phyllis HOPF (divorced)

[14.241232226] Shaun Philip *1961


ç* [11.225875] Lionel Herman Victor *1913

[12.2258751] Stephen Paul *06/05/1947

x Gertruida Jacoba Susanna STEENKAMP *01/02/1946

[13.22587511] Renée Alison *11/09/1973

[13.22587512] Linda Natalee *08/07/1975

[12.2258752] Ruth Magdalene *26/04/42

x Patrick ELLIS (divorced)

Two children: Leonie Renée *28/02/1970 and Herrmann Wilhelm *28/02/1972

xx John METCALF +c1995

xxx2001 William STEWART

[12.2258753] Priscilla Grace *12/06/1952

x Stephen Nicholas Johannes NOTHNAGEL

Children: Chantelle Dianne, Bianca Lizelle, Zénia, Monique

[12.2258754] Joy Elizabeth *25/08/1960

x Gerhardus Daniel FOURIE

Children: Jethro Paul, Natasha Diane



APPENDIX A – Untraced Family Members

POS.Number AF1SY6


Deceased: Alice *1896 +15/1/1960.

Husband: x Jacobus *c1894 +29/10/1955. LEIBBRANDT

Children: 1) Joseph *c1916.

Remarks. Died at 10th Ave. 3rd Street Windemere Dist. C T, letters to be

Sent to: Mrs C LEIBBRANDT 4 Gladstone St, Gardens, C T.


POS. Number AF1926

Father: SMIT or SMITH.

Deceased: Ann SMITH. *21/8/1926. +21/12/1970. (s.file 562/71)

Husband: Martin Andrew *7/3/1926. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Dawn *c1949 x DU PLESSIS. +c1977.

2) Robert Martin *c1950 Minor

3) Marietjie *c1952 Minor



POS.Number ACC1898

Father: Piet *c1868 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Florrie *c1870 LEIBBRANDT. (s.file 6512/69) CC

Deceased: Andries Jacob Daniel *19/7/1898. +17/11/1969.

Wife: Sophia SPIES. (s.file 6676/67) *1882 +1962.

Children: 1) Peter Jacobus Daniel. *1921 +1985 x1949 Consanct Ester RHODA *1928 File PJCC1921

[S13.12] Mentour *c1923

Remarks. The family at Sir Lowry's pass.



POS. Number AJCC1918

Father: Peter *c1888 LEIBBRANDT

Mother: Sarah *c1890 LEIBBRANDT. (s.file 6545/79)

Deceased: Abraham Jacob *17/7/1918. +6/10/1979. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Alice Matilda ALEXANDER. *c1920

Children: 1) Denis John *c1939

2) Noreen Anne *c1941 x PHILANDER. *c1943

Signed: A LEIBBRANDT. wife.



POS. Number ASDF1898


Deceased: Anna Susanna Deboretha JANSE VAN RENSBURG.*19/4/1898 +17/4/1971 (s.file 3853/71 PTA)

Husband: x5/10/1920 [11.252718] Francois Jacobus *30/8/1895 +12/1/1983 LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Aletta Berndina *c1921 x VOS. *c1919

2) Helena Francina *c1923 x THERON. *c1921 xx KUHN *c1921

3) Fredrick Coenraad *c1924

4) Gerhadus Johannes *c1927

5) Christine *c1929

6) Francois Jacobus *c1931.

7) Marthinus Oosthuizen *c1933

Remarks. All majors at time of death i.e.1971.



POS. Number ASF1875

Father: Willem *c1847 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Rachel PALM *c1849

Deceased: Annie Sophia *1875 +8/2/1901. BREEN born LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: x Percival BREEN. *c1873

Children: 1) Ernest Clifford BREEN.

2) Evererd John BREEN.

Remarks: The husband was a blacksmith. Died at home and born Rouxville district.

Signed: P BREEN.


POS. Number ASF1912

Father: Andries Jacob KRUGER. *c1882.

Mother: Margaret Jacoba COETZEE. *c1884. (s file 7876/84 Cape)

Deceased: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984.

Husband: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913. +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT

Children: 1) Andries Jacob Kruger *c1934

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER. *c1934.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDENHUIS xx FOURIE. see file RJ1913.



POS. Number ATJJ1832.

Father: Abraham Johan *c1802.

Mother: Abrensia DE VOS. *c1804.

Deceased: Abraham Thomas Johannes Jacobus *1832 +13/4/1893 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Johanna Gertruida JACOBS.*c1834

Children: 1) Abrensia Aletta Johanna *c1857.x Hendrik KIRCH *c1851

2) Johanna Gertruida *c1859 (major in 1893)

Remarks. Abraham Thomas J J was a shoemaker.



POS. Number CCAF1906

Father: MOSTERT. *c1876.

Mother: see.file 2706/90 GRAHAMSTOWN)

Deceased: Catharina Charlotte Alida LEIBBRANDT born MOSTERT. *14/7/1906 +22/8/1990.

Husband: [11.225874] Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph LEIBBRANDT. *c1904.

Children: 1) Peter Christian *c1926.

2) Stephanie Anne *c1928.

Remarks. Born in Cape Town. Lived in P E. Cottage W4, Buffelsfontein Centre.



POS. Number CF1876.

Father: John *c1846 LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Cathrine *1876 +23/7/1905. LEIBBRANDT.


Remarks. Died in Somerset Hospital.


POS. Number CHCC1890

Father: Isaac Christiaan *c1860. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Alice Sophia *c1862. LEIBBRANDT. see.file 39994 Cape T

Deceased: Charles Hermanus *1890. +20/9/1933. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Rosanna *c1892.

Children: 1) William *c1912.

2) David *c1914.

Remarks. Died at Elsies Estate, Elsies River.

Signed: R LEIBBRANDT. (a cross).



POS. Number CHCC191O

Father: Isaac *c1880 LEIBBRANDT..

Mother: Elisa *c1882 LEIBBRANDT.. (s.file 3294/70 Cape ) CC.

Deceased: Charles Herman *17/9/1910. LEIBBRANDT. +20/6/1970.

Wife Dewlia FRANKE. *c1912.

Children: 1) Harry Thomas *c1931.

Signed: D LEIBBRANDT. wife.


POS. Number CH1923

Mother: (s.file 400/91 Cape)

Deceased: Cecil Henry *15/1/1923 +18/12/1990. LEIBBRANDT.


Children: 1) Warreldia *26/1/1955 (36yrs on 2[6.1]1991). x STEMMET. *c1993.3.

Remarks. Lived at 15 Downwood Rd, Hanover Park, Cape Town. Aurelia must have been Cecil’s daughter, married to a Stemmet.

Signed: W STEMMET.


POS. Number CSCC1939

Father: David HENDRIKS. *c1909.

Mother: Daureen HENDRIKS. *c1911.(s.file 31/91 Cape )CC.

Deceased: Christina Susanna LEIBBRANDT born HENDRIKS *13/10/1939 +26/11/1990.

Husband: Stephanus Daniel *c1937 LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Shaun *c1959

2) Clifford *c1961

3) Carol *c1963

4) Mervin *c1965

5) Melvin *c1967.

Remarks. Died at Kraaifontein. Born in Bellville.



POS. Number GF1949

Father: Frederick George Henry *c1919 LEIBBRANDT

Mother: (s.file 9311/88 Cape)

Deceased: George Frederick *15/8/1949 +26/10/1988. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: LE ROUX *c1951.

Remarks. Died in Tygerberg Hospital, 'hydro-encephalitis.' Born Goodwood. On the basis of 'George married his sister !

Signed: Le Roux, swaer. (Brother in law)




POS. Number ECC1931

Mother: (s.file 7931/81 Cape) CC

Deceased: Edward *c1931 +1981. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Joan Mary Evon BINNE or DAVEY. *1947 +1985 (s file 4909/85 Cape)CC

Children: 1) Edward *17/11/1980.

2) Ruben *8/12/1975.

3) Raymond *17/5/1971.

4) Desmond *c1967.

5) Stephanus *c1965

6) Stephanie Ethel *14/4/1969. x SCHEEPERS.

Remarks. Note the dates of birth of children are NOT in order, due to the death notices being confusing.


POS. Number ECF1863

Father: Carl Johann *c1833. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Johanna *c1835. LEIBBRANDT. *c1835.

Deceased: Elizabeth Charlotte *1863+25/8/1903 STEGMAN born LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: x John William STEGMAN.

Children: 1) Carl Johan Leibbrandt STEGMAN 11yrs

2) Pieter Ryk Le Seur STEGMAN. 9yrs

3) Maria Johanna STEGMAN. 7yrs

4) Matthys STEGMAN. 5yrs

5) Fredrick STEGMAN. 4yrs

Remarks. Ages quoted when mother died. Married in Cape Town. Died at home24 Fountain Rd, Fordsburg JHB.

Signed: J W STEGMAN husband.


POS. Number FCC19O2

Mother: (s.file 869/71 Cape)CC

Deceased: Frederick *1902 +8/8/1970 LEIBBRANDT or (LYBRAND).*1902 +8/8/1970.

Wife: Malie DIRKS. *c1904.

Children: 1) Hendrik *c1927

Remarks. Note the name LYBRAND.




POS. Number FHCC1895.

Father: Isaac *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Alice *c1867 (s.file 3590/27)CC. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Francis Harry *1895. +1927. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Katie Elina *c1897.

Children: 1) Isaac Christian *1916.

2) Jummia Marie *1918

3) Frances Elizabeth *1921.

4) Katie Eliza *1924.

Remarks. A tile fitter and mason.

Signed: Katie Elina LEIBBRANDT, wife.


POS. Number HCC1930

Father: James *c1900. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Phillipina *c1902 (s.file 4176/82 PTA) LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Hercules *28/12/1930 +7/3/1982 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife Rachel HANSEN *c1932.

Children: 1) Anna Susanna Gertruida *c1952

2) Philip *c1954.

3) Veronica *c1956.

4) Martin *c1958.


POS. Number 1E1933

Father: James W *c1903. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: C E LEIBBRANDT formerly ROBINSON. *c1905 (s.file 2970/80 Cape)

Deceased: Ivan Ernest *4/6/1933 +24/4/1980. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Ruth Elsie SHAFFER. *c1935.

Children: 1) Ivan Errol *c1955. (in USA)

2) Stevan Ian *c1960 (minor in 1980)

Remarks. This man was an Engineer.

Signed: Ivan E LEIBBRANDT.


POS. Number HJV1892

Father: Alexander VAN DER WATT. *c1862.

Mother: Susanna Johanna Maria VAN DER WATT. *c1864.

Deceased: Hendrik Johannes VAN DER WATT. *1892 +27/5/1919

Wife Helena Johanna Maria *c1894 LEIBBRANDT. (CONSULT 10.00711. VAN DER WATT 11.252711)


POS. Number HC1924

Mother: (s.file 3395/89 Grahamstown)

Deceased: (Henry) Hendrik Coenraad *25/6/1924 +23/7/1989 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Rene *c1926. LEIBBRANDT, (married PE)

Children: 1) Irene Nellie *c1945 x ERASMUS *c1943

2) Ross Alexander James *c1947.

3) Basil George *c1949

4) Lorna Agnes *c1951 x L A WELGEMOED *c1949

5) Olga *c1953 (major)

Remarks. Lived in Uitenhage. Died of emphysema.



POS. Number HJMF1892

Father: Johan Sebastiaan *c1852 +c1871. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Margaretha Johanna Elizabeth *c1865. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Hendrietta Johanna Magdalena *1892 +18/5/1934. VAN VOLLENHOVEN born LEIBBRANDT

Husband: Karel VAN VOLLENHOVEN. *c1890.

Children: 1) Pieter Marthinus *c1912.

2) Johan Sebastiaan *c1914

3) Margaretha Johanna Elizabeth *c1915.

4) Hester Johanna Margaretha *c1916.

5) Karel *1916

6) Leibbrandt *1922

7) Agusta Sophia Fredrika *1924.

8) Gert Josephus. *c1925

9) Johannes Hendrik *c1930

10. Hendritta Johanna *1932.

Remarks. The father was a storekeeper at ISCOR. Lived 483 Church St PTA. Married at Bethlehem OFS.



POS. Number JG1962

Father: Christiaan Gelmer *c1932. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Johanna Francina (s file 16598/89 PTA)

Deceased: Johann Gottfried *7/5/1962. +5/8/1989. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Lived at Malherbe St, 6, Sasolberg 9570.

Signed: C G LEIBBRANDT. father.



POS. Number JCC1941


Mother: Johanna *c1911 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 2002/76 Cape) CC

Deceased: John *27/6/1941. +11/3/1976. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Jeanne *c1943.

Children: 1) Jennifer *c1962

2) Rolin *c1964

3) Mervin *c1966

4) Lorna *c1968

5) Patric *c1970

6) Cyril *c1972

7) Carolen *c1974

Remarks. All minors at time of death of father John. John had a brother Gavie. A farm worker.

Signed: Johanna LEIBBRANDT. Who is Johanna ? Wife is Jeanne ! (Mother!)


POS. Number JH1924

Father:Henry John LEIBBRANDT *c1900 + c1945

Mother:Leila Lynn-Eden

Deceased: James Henry LEIBBRANDT. *11/2/1924. +27/8/1978.

Wife: Margaret Helen ANDREWS. *c1926.

Children: 1) Jennifer June *c1946 x Derrick Bernard SMEE. *c1944

2) Robert James Russel *15/11/1950. x Roberta Louise Voss *14.08.1952

3) Christopher Allan *3/4/1955.

Remarks. Note name SMEE similar to MEE



POS. Number M1926


Mother: (s file 2187/81.Cape)

Deceased: Martin LEIBBRANDT. *7/3/1926 +9/3/1981

Wife: Ann LEIBBRANDT. *c1924 (s file 562/71 Cape)

Children: 1) Dawn *c1947 x DU PLESSIS. *c1945

2) Robert Martin *c1949.

Remarks. Nil.

Signed: ?

See AF1926 – assumed more accurate, filled in by husband while still alive.



POS. Number JLZ1890

Father: Koert Hendrik PRETORIUS. *c1860.

Mother: Anna Maria Aletta PRETORIUS born DU PLESSIS. *c1862

Deceased: Johannes Lodewicus PRETORIUS. *1890 +9/10/1946.

Wives: 1) Emma LANGENEGGER.*c1892.(divorced)

2) Eileen Frances *c1914. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Koert Hendrik PRETORIUS. *7/11/1921 1st Marriage

2) Anna Eileen PRETORIUS. *3/2/1937.2nd Marriage.

Remarks. Lived in Glenmore Park Munster Natal. Died at Standerton Hospital A School Teacher.

Signed: P R PRETORIUS brother.


POS. Number JMF1947

Father: Terrance Michael *c1917 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Silvia Nance *c1919 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 6533/86 Cape)

Deceased: Jeniffer Margaret *2/3/1947 +28/8/1986. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Lived at Diep Rivier, 85 Boundary Rd. Born Touws Rivier.

Signed: T M LEIBBRANDT father.


POS. Number JS1825

Father: *c1795.

Deceased: Johannes Sebastiaan *1825. +26/5/1849 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: F S LEIBBRANDT born LANDSBURG. *c1823.

Children: 1) Hendrik Johannes Bernadus *c1846.

Remarks. He died at the home of his wife’s parents. Very poor, the Landsburgs paid for his funeral. M J LANDSBURG.

Signed: F S LEIBBRANDT wife.


POS. Number JS1869

Father: Hendrik Johannes Bernadus *c1846 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Christina Johanna *c1848. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Johann Sebastiaan *1869 +4/4/1929. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. A checker on the Railways. Died in JHB. 52 Pretoria St, Hillbrow.

Signed: ?




POS. Number MJF1904.

Father: LEIBBRANDT. *c1874.

Mother: Maria Jacoba *c1876 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 5448/91 Cape)

Deceased: Maria Jacoba *4/12/1904 +30/5/1990 LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: Unmarried.

Children: 1.

Remarks. Resided in Worcester.

Signed: Maria DE WET a friend.



POS. Number MSF1888


Mother: 2

Deceased: Marie Salome *15/2/1888. +2/10/1946 LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: (widow of the late) SHULTZ. i.e. +c1940.

Children: 1) David Sebastian Martin Casper Carel SCHULTZ.

2) Johan Michael Christiaan Fredrick Martin SCHULTZ

3) Johan Sebastian Martin SCHULTZ.

Remarks. Born in WITTENBERG. Property in Colesberg.



POS. Number PJCC1921

Father: [S12.1] Andries Jacobus Daniel *1898 +1969 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Sophia SPIES. *1882 +1962 (s file 3178/85 Cape)

Deceased: [S13.11] Pieter Jacobus Daniel *28/9/1921 +17/1/1985

Wife: x3/5/1949 Consanct Ester RHODA *26/8/1928

Children: [S13.111] Sophia Elizabeth *c1950

[S13.112] Mavis Ester *c1952

[S13.113] Andrew Jacobus Daniel *c1954

[S13.114] Peter Francis *c1956

[S13.115] Carol Isabel *c1958

Remarks. Died at Somerset West. Born at Sir Lowry's Pass.





POS. Number PH1895

Father: Henry John *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Emma Clazina Matilda LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Petrus Hermanus *1895 +26/11/1912 LEIBBRANDT..

Wife: Unmarried

Children: 1.

Remarks. He was a bakers apprentice, died at 45 Westminster St, Salt River. Born at Kalk Bay Cape.

Signed: F G LEIBBRANDT. Brother.


POS. Number RJ1913


Mother: (s file 3620/85 Cape)

Deceased: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913 +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984 (s file 7876/84 Cape)

Children: 1) Andries Jacobus Kruger *c1934. LEIBBRANDT.

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938.

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDINHUIS. xx FOURIE

Remarks. See file above ASF1912



POS. Number FJ1895

Father: Johan Gotfried *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Carolena MOSTERT. *c1867 (s file 1476/83 PTA.)

Deceased: Francois Jacobus *30/8/1895 +12/1/1983 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Anna Susanna Deburetha JANSE VAN RENSBURG. *c1898 +1971

Children: 1) Aletta Bernhardina *c1918 x VOS. *c1916

2) Siska Christina *c1920

3) Helene Francina *c1922 x KUHN. *c1920

4) Fredrick Coenraad *c1924

4.1 Cecil *c1950

4.2 Annalise *c1952

4.3 Francois *c1954

4.4 Andre *c1956

5) Christine *c1926 x MEYERS. *c1924

6) Gerhard Johan *c1928

7) Francois Jacobus *c1930

8) Marthinus Oosthuyse *c1932

Remarks. Nil

POS. Number ASF1912

Father: Andries Jacob KRUGER. *c1882.

Mother: Margaret Jacoba COETZEE. *c1884 (s file 7876/84 cape)

Deceased: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984

Husband: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913. +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Andries Jacob Kruger *c1934

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER. *c1934.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDENHUIS x FOURIE see file RJ1913.

Remarks. Nil.



POS. Number S1813

Deceased: Sebastiaan *1813 +19/11/1888. LEIBBRANDT.

Remarks. Died in Somerset Hospital. A baker by trade. NOTE file JS1825. Connection with the LANDSBURG'S.



POS. Number S1957

Father: Stephanus Abraham *c1927 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Jean *c1929 LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Stephanus *23/1/1957 +3/3/1972. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Born in Welkom. Lived in Hennerman Ferreira St 9.



POS. Number SDCC1887

Father: Jacobus *c1857 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Elizabeth *c1859 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 677/79 Cape) CC

Deceased: Stephanus Daniel *1887 +20/8/1970 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Johanna Maria *c1889.

Children: 1) Stephanus *c1908.

2) Isaac *c1910

3) Douglas *c1912

4) Sophia *c1914 x ADAMS.

5) Elizabeth *c1916 x DE LEEU

6) Johanna *c1918 x ARENDSE

7) Rachell *c1920

Remarks. A bricklayer.

Signed: J LEIBBRANDT wife.


Father: Barend Swart HAMMAN. *c1900.

Mother: Susanna Magdalena HAMMAN. *c1902.(s file 615/86 Cape)

Deceased: Susanna Magdalena LEIBBRANDT born HAMMAN.*8/9/1930+25/7/1986

Husband: Philip Goodman *c1928. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Karin Bronn *16/7/1962 x FOURIE. *c1960

2) Sunette Maree *28/8/1955 x OOSTHUIZEN. *c19534.

Remarks. Died at Botrivier Caledon.



POS. Number SR1905

Mother: (s file 2934/79 Grahamstown)

Deceased: Sidney Rizzo *20/10/1905 +16/10/1979 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: 20.4.1930.PE. Magdalena Maria BEZUIDENHOUT. *c1907.

Children: 1) Cynthia Pearl *c1927 x PEACH. *c1925

2) Balmay Vera *c1929 x CAMPTON *c19274.

Remarks. Nil



POS. Number W1922

Mother: (S FILE 15576/81 PTA)

Deceased: William *23/11/1922 +15/11/1981. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Laura DE BRUYN. *c1924.

Children: 1) Richard John *30/5/1940.

2) Angerina *20/1/1947 x SMIT. *c1945

3) William *11/8/1954

Remarks. Born in Maitland Cape.



POS. Number WJ1907

Deceased: William James *15/7/1907 +17/2/1984. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: (wife unknown) Divorced. See note below.

Children: 1) Kenneth *c1928

Remarks. Lived and died in Port Elizabeth. Myrthle Kathleen Buchanan was his landlady for 18 years.

Signed: M K BUCHANAN the nearest connection.



POS. Number WH1881

Deceased: William Henry WHITE. *1881 +30/5/1959.

Wife: Martha Christina *c1883. WHITE born LEIBBRANDT. *c1883.

Children: 1) Thora Rachel WHITE x HILL.

2) William George WHITE.

3) Mabel Sarah WHITE x Alexander Taylor CARNIE.5.

Remarks. Born in England, a sawmill manager. Died Vereeniging Hospital.

Signed: M C WHITE. wife.


POS. Number CEF1874

Father: Willem Wouter VILJOEN. *c1844 +1913.

Mother: Johanna Susanna VILJOEN born BOOYSEN. *c1846 +1886.

Deceased: Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN.*1874 +27/12/1945

Husband: [10.22925] Sebastiaan Johannes LEIBBRANDT. *1859 +10/7/1930.

Children: [11.229251] Susanna Johanna. x Dirk Cornelius SWART. *c1899

[11.229252] Sebastiaan Johannes *1903 +1983 x Margaritha Johanna Maria *c1905

[11.229253] Wouter Willem *c1905

[11.229254] Cornelia Etricia *c1907 x John Henry LAING *c1905

[11.229255] Sophia Johanna Maria *c1909 x Christiaan Jacob LOWRENS. *c1907.

Remarks. The above Cornelia Etrica *1874 is the second wife of Sebastiaan. File SJ1859.TXT. Died at 64 Putney Rd, Brixton JHB.A painter.

Signed: D C SWART son in law.


P0S. Number APCC 1900

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown (s.file 2826/79) CC

Deceased: Adrianna Petronella *15/1/1900 +9/4/1975

Husband: Unmarried

Children: 1.

Remarks. No information

Signed: Unsigned



POS. Number WCZ1886

Father: George BEALE. *c1856.

Mother: Mary Ann BEALE. *c1858.

Deceased: Wilfred Crouch BEALE. *1886 +8/2/1941.

Wife: Valerie Marais *c1910 BEALE born LEIBBRANDT., number [11.225483]

Children: 1) George Abraham Spurner BEALE. *c1928

2) Ernest Duqmore BEALE. *c1930

3) Violet Gertrude BEALE *c1932

4) Stella Mary BEALE *c1934

Remarks. Lived at 1069 Church St, Pretoria.

Signed: V M BEALE.


POS. Number PWC192O

Father: [11.229243] Frans Johannes Jacobus *1891 +27/9/1956 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Magdalena Albertha MAREE *1898 +19/12/1963.

Deceased [12.2292431] Pieter Willem Charles LEIBBRANDT. *18/3/1920. +2/11/1983.

Wife: Julia VAN DER WESTHUIZEN. *1924. (JF1924.TXT)

xx Cornelia Christina Elizabeth formerly BOTHA born SMITH.*l928

Children First Marriage: [13.22924311] Stella *c1942 x David Johannes BARNARD. *c1940

[13.22924312] Frans Johannes Jacobus *c1946

[13.22924313] Marie Magrietha Albertha *c1950 x Gideon Jacobus VAN WYK. *c1948

[13.22924314] Johannes Cornelius *16/10/1954

Remarks. Note file JF1924.TXT. Lived in Petrus Steyn.



P0S. Number MFCC1882

Father: Jacob *c1852 LEIBBRANDT. CC

Deceased: Minnie *1882 +1903 Leibbrandt known as Douglas.

Remarks: Died at Kimberley.

Signed: ?? Booth.

APPENDIX. B – Personal Histories.

[9.2258] Hendrik Carel Vos *31/12/1837. +1/1/1911.


Hendrik married Sara SINCLAIR in 1860. They had 12 children, 7 sons and 5 daughters, of whom 8 survived infancy. Hendrik, the eighth child of wine merchant Johann Sebastiaan *1793 and Alida FISCHER, was educated at the South African College Cape Town. The University of Utrecht in Holland awarded his Theology degree in August 1859. He returned to the Cape got married and was inducted as minister of the N G Kerk Victoria West on 6.5.1860. Hendrik was a very active member of the ministry, as he established a congregation at Canarvon in 1875 and another at Prieska in 1878. His ministry at Victoria West however lead to dissention due to his activities in the liberal school of ministers. Other members of the School were T F Burgers (later President of the Transvaal Republic) L S and J J Kotze, and S P Naude. All these were contemporaries of Utrecht University Hendrik's views were unacceptable to the majority of the congregation. He was outspoken and the trouble became serious in 1870. His was co-author in three essays entitled 'Gedachten over de roeping der Kerk en de verhouding van den leraar tot zijne gemeente' Cape Town, written for the Christian congress in that year. This caused a storm amongst the clergy and the congregation but Hendrik was inflexible and would not retract his views. Permission was granted to form a second congregation, but this was abandoned and the congregation at Victoria West asked him to resign. He was offered 2500 pounds Stirling as 'compensation' He Resigned on 25.6.1877. Hendrik was well liked by some of the congregation and he was presented with an address thanking him for his good work in 18 years with the community.

This apparent reversal led to his 'real' work as the first Archivist, as he was appointed in preference to another past time custodian; C M Theal. His work output was prodigious and spurred on by rival Theal he wrote an enormous number of articles and précis for the Archives. If fact he laid the basis for the present Archives in Cape Town.

Hendrik 's strong points were his energy, honesty outspoken when convinced he was right, and fluency in Dutch English and German. Being a minister of the Church he also had knowledge of Latin and Greek. He retained his friendship with President Burger as on one occasion he baptised Burger's child. Some of Hendrik’s Archives work is the following:

The Government instructed Hendrik to edit the documents related to what is known as the Slachtersnek Rebellion and this was published as 'The Rebellion of 1815, generally known as Slachter's Nek. (Cape Town 1902.)

Hendrik wrote numerous articles for 'Het Zuid-Afrikaansche Tijdschrift', and a series on the hunter and explorer Jacobus Coetzee.

It must be emphasized that the above is just a small sample of the volume of Hendrik's work.

What is not realised is that Hendrik was both librarian and Archivist until seven years before his retirement in 1901 when these two posts were separated. During a small portion of his working life he had temporary assistance, but never the less he was able to classify 3440 documents and these documents were bound between 1881 and 1906. Undoubtedly Hendrik was a giant of a man when one considers the amount of work he accomplished in his lifetime not only for the Cape Archives but also for the outlying districts. His work earned him the title of honorary member of the 'Historische Genootsschap' of Utrecht.

Many references of Hendrik Leibbrandt and his work can be found in the Cape Archives. C J Rossouw wrote 'Die werk van Hendrik Carel Vos Leibbrandt as argivis en Suid Afrikaanse geskiedskrywer' and this is one of the many written monuments of the great South African.

On page iii of this document the author stated some of the characteristics of Leibbrandts, and these points are repeated again and again when one reads and knows some of this clan. Hendrik was probably a good example of what was meant in the remarks.

[11.225544] John Romaine Addison *21/8/1895 +6/6/1983


Romaine was born in Wellington, Cape Province, the only son of Christoffel Johannes *1858 +1919. His education at South African College School extended from 1908 to 1913, and may have known [12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982, the authors father, as he attended the same school over roughly the same period. His daughter Catherine writes as follows.

The Principal of the school Mr William Baxter found him to be an excellent student. In 1913 he wrote the Matriculation examination of the University of the Cape of Good Hope. In 1914 he joined the 5th South African Infantry, and was sent to East Africa.( The East African campaign under General J C Smuts lasted from 1916 till 1917 for most of the forces of South Africa.*) At the end of 1917 he was discharged 'in consequence of being temporarily unfit for Tropical Service, due to Malaria and Dysentery.

In 1916 under special regulations regarding students on active service he obtained his B.A. degree.

In January 1918 he became a Clerk in the Magistrates office in Caledon. As the War was still in progress he, after some time in the Magistrates Office, joined the Heavy Artillery He was sent to England but by the time he arrived there the war had come to a close.

Upon his return to South Africa, he was again on the staff of the Magistrate's office in Caledon, where he remained until he was transferred to Wynberg Cape. At the Wynberg office he acted as Clerk of the Court and Acting Additional Magistrate.

From 1927 to 1940 he was on the relief staff as acting Magistrate and public prosecutor in Ligtenberg, Venterstad, Middelberg, Stellenbosch and De Aar. In 1931 he was awarded the LL.B by the University of South Africa, and subsequently was appointed additional Magistrate in Bloemfontein in 1941.

He married Mary Stiven Pope, born Wilson, in 1940 and later adopted her daughter Shenagh Rainier Pope. His son John was born in Bloemfontein on 9.6.1941. The family was transferred to Graaf Reinet in November 1941, and remained there for four years. Margaret Louise Addison was born 26 Dec 1912, a happy time for all, until the untimely transfer to Upington From a letter addressed to Romaine, dated 30 October 1945 the Chairman of the Native Advisory Board and the Vigilant Committee ( Messrs A W Ramand and S Dan Malunga ) it was apparent that he was held in high esteem by the coloured community for some act of kindness. Quote '...all you did here in the light of our non-Europeans for which you stood bravely in the light of justice to the cost of losing friendship amongst certain prominent citizens especially when you were on the Bench.'

(Authors Remark. This must have been a very unpopular judgement against a prominent member of the European community. For this reason the following quote in one of his references is given below.)

About Romaine Leibbrandt. All those who knew him well found Leibbrandt to be of great integrity and compassion a gentleman, a loyal friend and employee, a quiet man devoted to his family and above all, a man of intelligence with a sound knowledge of the law and a lover of justice, in the pursuit of which he was prepared to make sacrifices.

He was a marked man from then onwards in the Justice Dept. and assessors were appointed to retry his cases. They failed. His daughter Catherine (the contributor of this history) was born in Upington on 12 Jan. 1946.

In April 1946 the family was transferred to Witbank where Romaine took up the senior Magistrates post. Again moved to another post in Nigel in 1951.

He never came to terms with the humiliation he faced during this period, and throughout a long correspondence with the various Secretaries for Justice, he was unable to obtain a satisfactory explanation for the treatment.

He retired as Magistrate in Nigel in August 1955, and moved to Springs, where the children went to school. In July 1955 Romaine petitioned to have his name removed

Romaine petitioned to have his name removed from the Roll of Advocates of the Cape of Good Hope Provincial Division of the Supreme Court. In September of the same year he was admitted as Attorney - Transvaal Provincial Division. From then onwards to 1956 he acted as Assistant to Charles Sherman, a Solicitor in Springs. He practised as an Attorney in Johannesburg, commuting from Springs every day.

In the closing years of his life from 1959 to 1976, he was employed as Archivist in the Law Section of the Natal Archives, Pietermaritzburg. The children completed their schooling in Springs until 1961, and then went to Pietermaritzburg.

He died on the 6th June 1983.

Daughter Catherine stated in her letter,' My father in particular taught me things I value and I have passed on to my children ' and ' he had a lovely sense of humour'.

Authors note. To overlook this mans period of war service would not be correct. He served in the 5th South African Infantry. Private number 13531, 8th Platoon, 13 Company Nyasaland Contingent, under General Northy He was in the peace training Service before joining up on 3rd May 1915. The troops boarded the ship 'Professor Woerman ', sailed up to Beira, where they landed. They then were taken in barges up the Zambezi River to Chindeo and then on to Port Herald in Malawi. Proceeding to Songea in the North of Lake Malawi, the plan was to engage the German forces under General von Lettow Vorbeck. The German general and his forces were 'chased' and never really pinned down during the whole British campaign in East Africa, in fact Von Vorbeck only came in after the Armistice.

Romaine, like hundreds of others, suffered from dysentery malaria fever and hunger while marching in rain and mud. He was sent back to the Union to recover, and given a Certificate of Discharge 28 Aug 1916, for 'being temporarily unfit for tropical service for three months '. These three months were stretched to 30 Nov 1917, due to sickness, until the Proceedings on Discharge finally discharged him. For some strange reason Romaine again joined up to go to France in 1918, and arriving too late to fire a shot was again discharged on 30 Nov 1918.

Authors note. What a pity this man was also 'ahead of his time '

[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927


Father Douglas Herbert , an Engineer, was 30 years old when Paul was born in Wynberg Cape Town South Africa. Paul’s mother, a very beautiful woman, had Victor Paul’s elder brother two and a half years before Paul, and three daughters from a previous marriage. All this was prior to any memory recall at the age of three years.

My baptismal certificate certified that I was born on 31st March 1927, baptised in St John 's Church, Wynberg, on the 24th April 1927, Number 7804. One of my sponsors Roux Nel I remember as a close friend of my father. We stayed in Alphen Hill, Wynberg and my father was a Civil Engineer.

The above information gives me 'clues' as to my father and his, what I would call, semi-contempt for religion. He was not a 'Civil' engineer in the strict sense of the word, he was an Electrical Mechanical engineer ! My feeling about that statement was that his thoughts were; 'let us humour these clerics, it does not matter anyway Be that it may, I was branded as an Anglican, and now hope to be a good Methodist’.

First memories are of Durban, 178 Cowey Road, in the year 1930 when I was 3 years old. Two incidents come to mind, and the strong impression remains to this day. I saw a man lying on our spare room bed, dressed in a suit, with his hands crossed on his chest. I said to my Mother something about,' what is the man doing on the bed in the room mummy? ' When she went to look with me in tow, he had gone! The reader can speculate on this, but I am sure children can see, into a spirit world and grownups cannot. Time-wise for the incident, say 30 seconds.

My mother was a heavy smoker, and as we now know what damage it does to passive smokers. I am sure, as a child up to the age of 10 years my very poor health can be laid at the smoking ignorance door with very little doubt. Four years old saw me in hospital with tubercular glands in the stomach causing torsion. Six months later I had to learn to walk again. Schooling was an 'on/off' event until 10 years old I went to Saxonwold School in Johannesburg, without being able to read or write properly and with no knowledge of maths at all.

Learning was achieved through sitting between two other boys, my pals George Duncan and Grant Cowie, and watching them. Needless to say when the public exam of standard 5 arrived I failed after 3 years of schooling. The basics of spelling escaped my learning pattern and on entering high school, standard 6, with the dire consequences of failure ringing in my ears told to me by my father I was at the bottom of the form. Not quite true as Barnie Meyers and myself vied for last place, and I usually won. Barnie turned out as a top class student, and was head master of the very prestigious Jewish High School, Kind David in Johannesburg when I last heard of him.

Both Saxonwold and high school Parktown Boys High were predominantly 'Jewish' and for many years I could see no difference between a Jew and a Christian. What was all this fuss about? When a minor war broke at Saxonwold school, quickly quelled by the Headmaster Mr Hands I was fighting on the Jewish side ! Date 1939, the beginning of the second world war and the holocaust

It took me three years at Parktown Boys High to climb from last to first place in the form, with a lot of sweat lost on the way. My parents had moved to a farm in Swaziland and my brother Vic and I were at a boarding house in Berea, Johannesburg, and my health could not be any better as a result of sport. Swimming was my top choice. The health angle improved when, at home before the move to Swaziland, my father built a swimming pool.

Leslie Klenerman, whom I could beat in the short sprints of a 100 yards swimming free style, gained a bronze medal at the London Olympic games after the war.

In 1944 I met Yvonne Kruger, and was slain by cupid’s arrow. After gaining Matric (first class pass) I enrolled for a Diploma in Land Survey. My father under the misguided impression that I could not 'do' mathematics advised me against Engineering. Four years later, working for Nielsen and Van Der Want, Land Surveyors, Yvonne and I got married, year 1949. I had realised by this time that Survey was not my 'metier', and as I had always proved adept at mechanics and things electrical, I went to work as a motor mechanic for a firm called Swaziland Plantations in Swaziland. After a short period I was called a pupil engineer. This title meant the pupil was required to perform a very broad feats of engineering of all disciplines ! I enjoyed every challenge and learning pattern, so much so that when I applied to sit for the Government Certificate of Competency in Mechanical Engineering I was granted permission in 1959.

Learning the theory of Engineering was not difficult but tiring, as I started work at 6 am, finished at 5 pm Monday to Friday ; Saturday finished at 12 noon. The midnight oil was frequently burnt out, and spurred on by my boss, the Managing director's remarks of 'there is no sentiment in business' I managed to pass the Certificate in 1960. ( Awarded 1961)

By this time Yvonne and I had 5 children, all boys. Life was confusing. Isolated 40 miles from any town of note very little entertainment, long hours of work, and I was stupid enough to make enormous mistakes of living. Adding to all the stupidity, I was told I could never be a Professional Engineer as one had to have a degree. This was to me the last straw. I divorced Yvonne. Somehow she must have understood my pain and stupidity because she agreed. Then I married Pam Hopf, moved to Durban, and enrolled as a first year student of Engineering at the University. Truly, I 'had the full catastrophe'. Two women to support 5 children and a degree to pursue at the University.

There is only one way to drown fear, and believe me I was scared, work ! I was 17 years older than the chap sitting next to me, and the statistics showed a 50 percent failure rate at Varsity Engineering. Chemistry was a mystery! Fortunately only one year of Chemistry, balanced by a love of maths and Engineering subjects. It was only through hard work I was able to pass 'Cum Laude ' in four years.

To try to rectify some of the wrongs (and one can never wipe out the memory of some of the pain ), Yvonne agreed to have me back. We were married, after divorcing Pam in 1961. One can never justify these mistakes of life.

Now followed a search for a suitable job in industry. After working in the paper mills, a food factory where I was a Consulting Engineer for the group, and, for a short time as Inspector of Machinery, I managed to secure a post as a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal.

I was at this stage a Professional Engineer with permission to consult in Mechanical, Electrical (heavy current ) and even in some branches of Civil Engineering. I was informed by the Secretary of the Council for Professional Engineers that, due to my large practical experience before and after Graduation that was the situation.

Thus I attempted to bring to the academic world some practice as well as theory, of Mechanical Engineering. As my teaching was in Machines and Strength of Materials I balanced my interest in Engineering with further studies in mass and heat transfer in Thermodynamics. In 1981 I was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Faculty of Technical Science ( in Latin on the degree certificate), that is Ph.D. Natal University. I had no internal examiner for the degree judgement, but three external examiners. Doctors of Engineering from M I T in the United States of America, Technikon Israel and South Africa.

I retired from the University, when I turned 60 years old, and managed to devote since then some of my spare time to Genealogy as a hobby.

My uncle Sydney George David Leibbrandt number 12.2412323, had 'somehow ' drawn up a family tree for our branch only. This version I found to have major errors of dating. Only on consulting correct death notices did I correct these errors, and the old version also differed with names. I decided to expand the tree to try to include all branches of Leibbrandts in South Africa.

No document is without small mistakes. I have tried to confine the mistakes to a minimum.

Douglas Paul LEIBBRANDT.

Appendix C – Extended Family Members

FAMILY Walstra-Leibbrandt

POS. Number APPCW10. Page C1.

[W10.1] Stephanus Solomon. *c1865 +13/8/1908.

x Elizabeth Anne WALSTRA born WALSTRA married LEIBBRANDT died DOOLING *1869 +11/6/1957.

[W11.11] Helena Elizabeth *c1889 x BAILEY.

[W11.12] Elizabeth Johanna *c1891 x HUSSEY.

[W11.13] Stephen Salmon *c1893

[W11.14] Michael Walstra *1895 +25/3/1955

x Sophia FRITZ

[W12.141] Michael Walstra *8/4/1918. +31/3/1986 è*

xx Maria Elizabeth VAN VUUREN

[W12.142] Maqdalena Dorothea *1929

[W12.143] Walstra Pietersen *1931

[W12.144] Nicholaas Johannes *1936

[W12.145] Willem Johannes *1938

[W12.146] Maria Elizabeth *1940

[W12.147] Kenneth Donald *1946

[W12.148] Daniel Rudolf *1949


ç * [W12.141] Michael Walstra *8/4/1918 +31/3/1986

x Olive Gwendoline BOSCH *21/6/1917 +2/2/1989

[W13.1411] Desmond Gerald *c1941. +12/7/1989 è*

[W13.1412] Delores Virginia *c1943 x PETERSEN *c1941.

[W13.1413] Ivor *c1945. (Canadian)


ç * [W13.1411] Desmond Gerald *1941 +1989

x Julien Mary JACOBS.

[W14.14111] Desire Charmaine. *c1963 x TAYLOR. *c196l.

[W14.14112] Quinten*c1965.

[W14.14113] Alistair Clifton *c1967

[W14.14114] Rochelle Lancia *c1969


Family Spies-Leibbrandt

POS. Number APPCS11


[S11] Piet LEIBBRANDT. *c1868.

x Florrie LEIBBRANDT. *c1870

[S12.1] Andries Jacobus Daniel LEIBBRANDT. *1898 +17/11/1969.

x Sophia SPIES. *1882 +1962 FILE 5CC1882.TXT

[S13.11] Pieter Jacobus Daniel *28/9/1921 +17/1/1985 è*

[S13.12] Mentour *c1923


ç * [S13.11] Pieter Jacobus Daniel LEIBBRANDT. *1921 +1985

x Consanct Ester RHODA. *1928

[S13.111] Sophia Elizabeth *c1950

[S13.112] Mavis Ester *c1952

[S13.113] Andrew Jacobus Daniel *c1954

[S13.114] Peter Francis *c1956

[S13.115] Carol Isabel *c1958


The Sir Lowry's Pass family.

Appendix D – Photographs

[11.229121] Meyder Johannes *1878 +1954

Fought in the Anglo-Boer war Commandos as heliograph, scout and quartermaster

è *

[9.2253] Johann Sebastiaan *1820 +1842

è *

[9.2254] Pieter Ulrich *1821 +9/6/1878.

A wealthy Businessman.

è *

Anna Maria Davina DE WAAL.(DE VAAL) *1833.+1899.

Pieter Ulrich’s second wife.



[9.2255] Johannes (Baasie) *1823 +1875

Wine merchant.

è *


Wife of Johannes. Both photos in possession of [12.2255443] Cathrine Anne Addison. Cape archives has a picture of another woman with same name (AG 12378) mistakenly identified.


[9.2258] Hendrik Carel Vos *1837 +1911

The Cape Archivist

è *

Sara Aletta SINCLAIR *1839.

Wife to Hendrik Carel Vos. Married 1860 - 12 children


[10.22589] Mathilda Charlotte Marriott, daughter of Hendrik Carel Vos *13/1/1875

when she was 21 (1897) just shortly after she married Pieter Gerhard VAN BREDA in 1896.

è *

[10.22927] Charles Gert Jacobus *1864 +1931


Cape archives number 226 VAB 2868. Accompanied by Dr. Poutsma (on the left, Charles is on the right). Dated as during the Anglo-Boer war 1899-1902. è *


[10.22554] Christoffel Johannes *1858 +1919

Bank Manager, Ambassador, Justice of the Peace

è *


(L-R) [11.225543] Grace Alice Addison *c1893, [11.225541] Sara Brand *c1889, [11.225542] Johanna Annie Augusta *c1891.

Daughters of Christoffel Johannes on previous page.

è *



[11.229121] Meyder Johannes *1878 +1954

This photograph was found in the collection of [10.24124] Johan Michael. The photo was submitted by a Van Coller who labelled it as "NJ Leibbrandt, Hoofkwartiermeester, De La Rey se Kommando".

è *

[11.241244] Hendrik Albertus *1876 +1897


è *


[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927

è *



[10.22587] Pieter Paul Willem Jacob *1871

Pictured with his wife Emily ZINN at their 50th wedding anniversary.

è *



[11.225544] John Romaine Addison *1895 +1983

Lawyer, Magistrate and Attorney

è *

Mary Stiven WILSON

John’s wife.


[11.241232] John Percival Muller *1871 +1923

Miner, Manager, Businessman

è *

Jean Lily TOWNSEND. *1875 +1917

Wife of John Percival Muller

Surrounded by her children: standing: George, Percival, Douglas, seated: Audrey, Jean, Freda Front: Jean, Marie (Billie), Victor. With dog "Tiger" è *

[12.2412321] Percival Fred *1895 +1975

Mine Surveyor/Manager

è *

[12.2412323] Sydney George David *1899 +1968

CIS administrator of ESCOM.

Pictured visiting his brother Douglas before he was married. è *



[12.2412322] Douglas Herbert *1897 +1982

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer – Chief Electrical Engineer SAR&H

è *



Violet Louisa (Vera) PATTERSON *1891 +1951

Wife of Douglas Herbert on previous page.

Shown (left) at about age 18, photo colorized by grandson Peter Allan. Shown (right) with sons Victor Sydney (aged 18, Medical Student, wrestler, 210 lbs) and Douglas Paul (aged 15, boxer and swimmer, 135 lbs). è *

[12.2412326] Victor Muller Payne *1904

Lawyer, Magistrate, Boxer, Athlete

è *

Constance Grace DAVIES *1911

Wife of Victor Muller Payne

è *



[11.225873] St Clair Royden *1903 +1975

è *

Myrtle Dorothy Florence McKAY *1910

Wife of St Clair Royden



[10.2258.12.2] William Albert *1904 +1994

Pharmacist, grandson of H C V Leibbrandt.

Pictured giving away his niece Esme (daughter of his sister Eileen Louise) è *

[10.2258.12.4] Eileen Louise *c1908

Granddaughter of Hendrik Carel Vos

Pictured (Left) inset, and in back row right at her wedding in 1931 to Johann Christiaan PENTZ (back center) together with her brother [10.2258.12.2] William Albert (back left). Picture right at her second wedding in 1972 to Andrew SMIT. è *



[12.2291213] Sidney Robey *1913 +1966

Boxer, Nazi Saboteur

è *



[13.24123222] Douglas Paul *1927

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer (PhD)

Pictured with his wife Yvonne Mabel KRUGER *1929, and (top right at their wedding) with her father Daniel Francois KRUGER. è *

[13.24123261] Owen Victor *1934 Businessman

and wife Beryl BRADFIELD Home Executive

è *

[13.24123262] Shirley Jean *1936 x1959

and husband Michael STILES (Prof.)

Teacher, School administrator è *



[12.2258731] Anthony Errol *1940

and Myra DONALDSON *1947 +1995

On their wedding day in 1967. è *





[12.2255441] John Romaine Addison *1941 +1964,

[12.2255442] Margaret Louisa Addison *1942

[12.2255443] Cathrine Anne Addison *1946

Catherine contributed the photo’s of her family and the information about her father. Photographs of her great-grandfather, grandfather and father (with wives) are in the archives under ‘Family Leibbrandt’. è *

[14.241232221] Bruce Douglas *1950


with wife Sally WILCOX on their wedding day è *

[14.241232222] Steven Richard *1952

Electrical Engineer: With wife Uli METZ *1954 and children Vincent Paul and Raphael Tobias at ceremony to confirm their wedding vows. Brother Peter Allan rear left. è *



[14.241232223] David John *1953

Motor mechanic. Residing in Townsville, Australia.

with wife Valerie Cheryl WALTERS *1955 è *

[14.241232224] Gary Colin *1954

Mechanical Engineer

with wife Elize VAN HUYSSTEEN *1957 è *


[14.241232225] Peter Allan *1956

Software Developer. (Above) With first wife Leonie STRYDOM *1949 and parents Douglas Paul and Yvonne Mabel KRUGER. (Above right)with second wife Madeleine WHEELER *1962. è *

Alphabetical Index

People born with the name Leibbrandt are listed by first names, distaff family members by their surname.

Abraham Johannes [12.2292111] 19
Abraham Johannes [8.229] 15, 16
Abraham Johannes Ulrich [10.22921] 17
Abraham Johannes Ulrich [12.2292414] 18, 43
ADDISON, Louisa Ellen 21
Adeline Elize Maud [12.2412331] 29
Adriana Helegonda [11.241225] 27
Adriana Hildagonda [10.24125] 27
Albert Arthur [12.2523212] 37
Albert Henry [10.2258.12] 22, 34
Albertus Christiaan [12.2526451] 45
Aletta Christina [9.2417] 26
Aletta Jacomina [8.223] 15
Aletta Petronella Catharina [11.229143] 34
Alexander [14.241224111] 35
ALEXANDER, Ephnie 39
Alfred Charles [13.24123723] 30
Alida Aletta Vos [11.225814] 25
Alida Johanna [10.22542] 19
Alida Johanna [10.22585] 22
Alida Johanna Sebastina [10.22553] 20
Alistair Clifton [W14.14113] 69
Allen [11.225477] 23
Allen Kenneth [12.2254772] 23
Amy Louise [14.2412322243] 47
Andreas [1] 14
Andreas Jacobus [12.2418145] 38
Andrew Jacobus Daniel [S13.113] 58, 70
Andries Jacobus Daniel  [S12.1] 58
Andries Jacobus Daniel [S12.1] 70
Andries Michael [12.2418122] 37, 43
Ann Louise [13.24181221] 43
Anna [11.229274] 19
Anna Catharina [13.24181611] 39
Anna Celeste [11.225482] 24
Anna Charlotte [11.229265] 18
Anna Davina de Waal [11.2254.11.2] 25
Anna Elizabeth [12.2292112] 19
Anna Elizabeth [12.2527211] 46
Anna Leone[12.2292623] 40
Anna Linda [11.225452] 20
Anna Maria Davina [10.22549] 19
Anna Marthena [11.241223] 27
Anthony [14.241232613] 46
Anthony Errol [12.2258731] 46, 93
ARCHER, Dr Gordon 22
ARCHIBALD, James Duncan C 24
Arthur Henry [12.2412371] 30
ARTHUR, Brenda Valentine 23
Aubrey Fred [12.2412241] 35
Audrey Blanche [12.2412325] 29
Audrey Elanor [13.22581221] 42
AUSSERHOFFER, Sophia Christina Jacoba 38
BANTJES, Blanche Adeline 29
BARNARD, David Johannes 40, 63
BARNET, Ethel Victoria 30
BASSON, Johanna Catharina Esserina 27
BATAILLOU, Pearly Eugenie 24
BEALE, Wilfred Couch 24
BEALE, Wilfred Crouch 63
BERG, Ferdinand 29
BERMAN, Bertram 34
Bernhard Ulrich [12.2254852] 24
Bertha Hendritte [10.2254.13] 19
Bertie [11.225484] 24
BESTER, Huibrecht 37
BEUKES, Johanna Maria 15
Beverley Gail [13.25264123] 45
BEYERS, Magdalena Maria 28
BEYERS, Maria Magdalena Anna 27
BICCARD, Anna Tobia 37
BICCARD, Nellie 37
Blanche Maud Magdalene [11.241235] 28
Blanche Tertia [12.2412333] 29
BOOTH, Hilda Maud 42
BORAINE, Emily Anne 23
BORINGER, Elisabeth Regina 14
BOSCH, Olive Gwendoline 69
BOSENBERG, Christiaan Hendrik 20
BOTHA, Cornelia Christina Elizabeth 40
BOTHA, Margaretha (Etha) Cornelia 41
Brenda-Mare [11.2258.12.21] 39
BRERTON, Mary Elizabeth 31
BRESLER, Johanna 20, 73
Brian [13.22587321] 46
BRINK, Rex 24
BROLI, Elaine Louise 24
BROOKLYN, Helena 36
BROOKS, Olive Mary 43
Bruce Douglas [14.241232221] 47, 95
BRUYNS, George 23
BUCK, Johanna Magdalena 14
BURTON, William 22
CALVERT, Sara 35
CAPE, Sidney Scarrell 20
Carin Lyn [14.252621111] 40
Carol Isabel [S13.115] 58, 70
Carolina Maria [8.226] 15
Carolina Maria [9.2252] 16
Carolina Petronella [10.25251] 35
CARSTENS, Gertruida Sophia Johanna 25
CARTER, Lorna 31
Catharina Charlotte Alida 42
Catharina Cornelia [11.229215] 17
Catharina Cornelia [12.2292113] 19
Catharina Maria [11.229261] 18
Catharina Susanna [11.241246] 27
Catharina Susanna [9.2251] 16
Cathrine Anne Addison [12.2255443] 21, 94
Cathrine Anne Addison 12.2255443] 73
Catrina Sophia [12.25262113] 36
Cecil Henry St Clair [10.2258.11] 22
Cecil St Clair [10.2258.12.1] 34
Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph [11.225874] 42, 51
Charlene Fay [14.252321122] 44
Charles Gert Jacobus [10.22927] 17, 19, 75
Christina Elizabeth [8.228] 15
Christina Johanna [10.25254] 35
Christina Wilhelmina Davel [11.229147] 34
Christine Friedrike [7.23] 14
Christo [12.2418142] 38
Christoffel Coenraad [11.241243] 27
Christoffel Johannes [10.22554] 20, 21, 76
Christolph [3] 14
Christopher [13.22914213] 43
Christopher Allan [13.22581224] 42
Christopher David [13.25271223] 43
Christopher Lawrence [13.24123732] 31
Christopher Ross [14.2412322232] 47
CILLIERS, Johanna Hendrika Aderjana 33
Clifford Peter [14.241232111] 31
Clive Victor [13.25271221] 43
CLOETE, Margaretha Elizabeth 34
Coenraad Hendrik [11.252321] 35, 37
Coenraad Hendrik [9.2523] 15, 35
COETZEE, Ellen Johanna 30
COLLARD, Terry 8, 20
Conrad Friedrich Georg [8.252] 7, 13, 15
Cornelia Dorothea Cloete [11.229146] 34
Cornelia Etrica [11.229258] 33
Cornelia Helena [11.229266] 18
Cornelia Johanna [12.2418133] 38
Cornelius Johannes [11.252725] 46
Craig [13.22587322] 46
CREIGHTON, Shirley 31
CROWE, Thomas M 19
CROWLEY, Karen 35
CUBITT, Maureen 47
Cyril Stuart [13.25262113] 40
Dale Lawrence [13.22587315] 46
Daniel Paul [14.2412322253] 47
Daniel Rudolf [W12.148] 69
Daphne Boraine [11.225476] 23
Daphne Margaret [12.2254722] 23
Darrel Russel [13.22547211] 24
David Johannes de Vaal [10.22545] 19, 20
David John [14.241232223] 47, 96
David Royden [12.2258732] 46
DAVIES, Constance Grace 32, 86
DE BRUYN, Johanna Maria 17
DE LANGE, Magrieta Maria Johanna 44
DE ROBAIX, Johanna Susanna 40
DE VILLIERS, Anna Wilhelmina 19
DE VILLIERS, Daphne Thekla Idolla 20
DE VILLIERS, Pieter Johannes 17
DE WAAL/VAAL , Anna Maria Davina 19, 72
DE WET, Maria Magdalena Elizabeth 35
Dean Meyer [14.241232.10.21] 32
Dean St Clair [13.22587316] 46
DELL, George 27
Delores Virginia [W13.1412] 69
Delyse Elaine [13.24123721] 30
Dennis Russel [12.2254721] 23, 24
Derek [13.22587323] 46
Derek Brian [13.24122421] 35
Desire Charmaine [W14.14111] 69
Desiree [14.241232611] 46
Desmond Gerald [W13.1411] 69
Didrik [10.25263] 36
Diedrik [Dirk] Andreas [9.2524] 15
Dina Margaretha 1802 [9.2411] 26
Dirk Jacobus [12.2254.11.36] 25
Dirkje Catharina [12.2418147] 38
DONALDSON, Myra 46, 93
Doreen Thelma [12.2526433] 45
Doris Blanche [12.2412344] 30
Doris Boraine [12.2254751] 23
Dorothy [12.2412334] 29
Douglas Herbert [12.2412322] 29, 32, 65, 84
Douglas Paul [13.24123222] 2, 6, 31, 32, 47, 66, 79, 91, 97
DU TOIT, Johanna Carolina 46
DUNMORE, Lorna Elizabeth 43
DYER, Patrick 29
Eben [12.2291214] 17
Eben [13.22926223] 43
ECK, Anna Barbara 14
Eileen Constance Margaret [12.2255112] 22
Eileen Louise [10.2258.12.4] 34, 89
Elisabeth [8.243] 16
Elisabeth Margaret [10.22546] 19
Elisabeth Maria [10.22544] 19
Elizabeth Charlotte [10.25253] 35
Elizabeth Johanna [8.22.11] 15
Elizabeth Johanna [W11.12] 69
Elizabeth Margaretha [12.2292211] 18
ELLIS, Patrick 48
Elm Susanne [11.225451] 20
Elsabe Magrietha [13.22924112] 41
Elzabe [12.2291215] 17
Enid Eileen [11.225871] 42
Eric Harold [12.2526453] 45
Eric Leslie [12.2254752] 23
Ester Johanna Beatrice [13.22924142] 43
Esti Yvonne [14.2412322241] 47
Evelyn Johanna [12.241232.11] 29
EVERARD, William Henry 29
EVERSON, Terence Paul Denis 33
Fanny [11.252642] 45
FAWKES, Esme 46
FERREIRA, Catharina Elizabeth 39
FIRBANK, Ronald James 23
FISCHER, Alida Johanna 16
FISHER, Catharina Gertrude 27
FOURIE, Gerhardus Daniel 48
Franciscus Josephus [9.2415] 26, 27
Francois (Frank) Jacobus [11.252713] 36
Frank Ernest Alban [11.225861] 22
Frans Johannes Jacobus [11.229243] 18, 40, 63
Frans Johannes Jacobus [12.22924312] 40
Frans Johannes Jacobus [13.22924312] 63
Freda Magdalena [12.2412324] 29
Frederick George Henry [12.2526431] 45
Frederick Isaac [12.2258122] 42
Frederick Isaac 12.2258122] 40
Fredrick [13.22925711] 44
Fredrick Coenraad [10.25271] 36
Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer [11.241224] 27, 35
Fredrik [9.2521] 15
Fredrik Albrecht Sadie [12.2418144] 38
FREISLICH, Catharina Magdalena 22
FRENKEL, Lothar Herbert Heinrich 21
FREW, James Henderson 30
FRITZ, Sophia 69
GAISSER, Anna Magdalena 14
GARDINER, Robert Gordon Alexander 33
Gary Colin [14.241232224] 47, 96
GAUM, F C 15
GELDART, Cyril 29
GENTNER, Maria Elisabeth 14
Georg Conrad [8.242] 16
George [11.241247] 27
George Christiaan [9.2257] 16
Gerald Lawrence [12.2412373] 30, 31
Gerald Pierre [12.2258713] 42
Gertrude Magdalena Rebecca [12.2412341] 30
Gertruida Wilhelmina [11.241242] 27
Gitilda Leonie [11.225454] 20
Gladys Joan [11.229272] 19
Glynnis [14.241232112] 31
GODDEN, Edwin 23
Godfrey Ian [13.24122411] 35
GOULDIE, Martha Eleanor 32
Grace Alice Addison [11.225543] 21, 77
Graham John [13.22581211] 42
GRAHAM, Peter 46
Grant Robin [13.22587312] 46
Gregory John [13.22587311] 46
GROBLER, Jacoba Johanna Susanna 43
Hans-Michael [2] 14
HARDWICK, Susan 32
Harold Lacock [13.25232112] 44
HAVENGA, Anna Maria 34
HEINLE, Marie Friedrike 15
Helena Elizabeth [W11.11] 69
Helena Johann Maria [11.252711] 36
Helena Sophia Elizabeth [12.2418151] 38
Helena Susanna Christina [13.22924131] 44
Helina Hilda [11.225813] 25
Hendrik Albertus [10.24122] 27
Hendrik Albertus [11.241244] 27, 78
Hendrik Albertus Jacobus [10.22926] 17, 18
Hendrik Albertus Jacobus [12.2292621] 40
Hendrik Carel Vos [10.22583] 22
Hendrik Carel Vos [11.225811] 8, 25
Hendrik Carel Vos [9.2258] 16, 22, 64, 74
Hendrik Johannes [8.22.12] 15
Hendrik John (Johannes) [10.25264] 36, 45
Henrietta [11.229141] 34
Henrietta Alberta Fredrica [10.2258.10] 22
Henry [11.252644] 45
Herbert Leopold Marquard [11.241233] 28, 29
Herman Robey [13.22912131] 41
HESKETH, Emmerline 23
Hester Anna Johanna [12.2418164] 39
Hester Magdalena [12.2412332] 29
HETTISH, Anna Ursula 14
HOLFORD, Penelope Isabel 31
HOPF, Pamela Phyllis 47
HOWIE, A. 28
Hubert de Villiers de Vaal [12.2254553] 20
Hubert Pieter de Vaal [11.225455] 20
Hugh Maxwell [12.2412328] 29
HUGHEY, Hall 20
Huibrecht [11.241818] 37
HULSE, Edward Vernon 29
Irad Brooks [12.2527122] 43
Irma Salome [13.22926221] 43
Irving [13.24123232] 32, 33
Ivan Alfred [12.2412372] 30
Ivan James [13.24123722] 30
Ivor [W13.1413] 69
Izan Robey [13.22912132] 8, 41
Jacob Johann Hendrik [10.25272] 36, 46
Jacob Lourens Jacobus [12.2292572] 44
Jacob Philippus [10.22922] 17, 18
Jacob Phillipus [12.2292212] 18, 41
Jacoba Catharina [11.229251] 33, 62
JACOBS, Julien Mary 69
Jacobus (Jacob) Cornelius [12.2526211] 36, 40, 45
Jacobus [10.25262] 36
Jacobus [11.252621] 36
Jacobus Andreas [11.241814] 37, 38
Jacobus Everhadus [12.2254.11.33] 25
Jacobus Henry [11.252646] 45
Jacomina [11.241819] 37
Jacqueline [14.241232612] 46
James Burchell [11.241237] 28, 30
Jan Sebastiaan Cloete [11.229142] 34
Janetta Jacoba [12.2418162] 39
JAQUES, Agnes Ann 37
Jean Hester [12.2412327] 29
Jeffrey Nigel [13.22547212] 24
JENNINGS, Kathleen Margaret 35
Joan Louise [13.24123711] 30
Joan Nola [12.2254753] 23
Johan David George [9.2527] 15, 36
Johan George [9.2413] 26
Johan Michael [10.24124] 27, 79
Johan Michael [9.2412] 26, 27, 79
Johan Philip Joseph [10.24181] 37
Johan Philip Joseph [9.2418] 26, 37
Johan Sebastiaan [9.2414] 26
Johan Sebastian [10.22551] 20, 21
Johann (John) David [11.252712] 36, 43
Johann Abraham [10.22911] 16
Johann Bosch [13.22925714] 44
Johann Christoffel Carel [9.2525] 15, 35
Johann Christolph [4] 14
Johann Christolph [8.245] 16
Johann Coenraad [8.224] 15
Johann Conrad [7.25] 12, 14, 15
Johann David [10.24123] 27, 28
Johann David [11.241813] 37, 38
Johann David [12.2412311] 28
Johann David [8.241] 7, 11, 16, 26
Johann David Gottfreid [11.252721] 46
Johann Georg [5] 14
Johann Georg [6.2] 9, 11, 14
Johann Georg [7.21] 14
Johann Jacob Hendrik [11.252724] 46
Johann Michael [7.24] 11, 13, 14, 16
Johann Michael [8.246] 16
Johann Michael Fischer [11.241241] 27, 39, 78
Johann Philip Joseph [11.241811] 37
Johann Philip Joseph [12.2418121] 37
Johann Philip Joseph [12.2418131] 38
Johann Philip Joseph [12.2418161] 39
Johann Samuel [6.1] 14
Johann Sebastiaan [10.22547] 19, 23
Johann Sebastiaan [10.22581] 22, 25
Johann Sebastiaan [10.22914] 16, 34, 43
Johann Sebastiaan [11.225471] 23
Johann Sebastiaan [7.22] 7, 8, 14, 15
Johann Sebastiaan [8.225] 15, 16
Johann Sebastiaan [9.2253] 16, 71
Johann Sebastiaan [9.2291] 16
Johanna [10.25265] 36
Johanna [11.241245] 27
Johanna Alida [10.2254.12] 19
Johanna Annie Agusta [11.225542] 21, 77
Johanna Barbara [12.2418166] 39
Johanna Barbara Fredrika [9.2522] 15
Johanna Catharina [11.241222] 27
Johanna Charlotta Dorothea [10.22928] 17
Johanna Cornelia Jacoba [10.22555] 20
Johanna De Leeu Beyers [11.241238] 28
Johanna Elizabeth Agusta [10.24151] 27
Johanna Fredrina [8.22.10] 15
Johanna Henrietta [11.229263] 18
Johanna Jacoba [13.22925712] 44
Johanna Maria [11.229213] 17
Johanna Maria [11.229254] 33, 62
Johanna Maria [11.229273] 19
Johannes (John) [11.225511] 21, 22
Johannes [10.22913] 16
Johannes [Baasie] [9.2255] 16, 20, 73
Johannes Cornelius [12.22924314] 40
Johannes Cornelius [13.22924314] 63
Johannes Georg [8.227] 15
Johannes Hendricus [10.2254.11] 19, 25
Johannes Hendricus [11.2254.11.3] 25
Johannes Hendricus [12.2254.11.31] 25
Johannes Hendrik Vos [10.22586] 22
Johannes Sebastiaan [12.2292531] 41
Johannes Sebastiaan Vos [11.225815] 25
Johannes Tromp [10.22543] 19
John (Jacob ) Hendrik Schickerling Vos [11.225812] 25, 40
John [11.229145] 34
John [12.25262114] 36
John [13.22551111] 22
John Abraham [12.2412312] 28
John Albert Henry [11.2258.12.23] 39
John Bernard [12.2255111] 22
John David Fischer [11.241234] 28, 30
John Henry Fredrick [Freddy] [11.252643] 45
John Meyer [12.241232.10] 29, 32
John Percival Muller [11.241232] 28, 29, 82
John Philip Joseph [12.2418143] 38
John Romaine Addison [11.225544] 21, 65, 81
John Romaine Addison [12.2255441] 21, 94
John Sebastiaan (Cloete) [12.2291421] 34, 43
Johnathan Colin [14.2412322242] 47
JOHNSON, Claude 20
JOHNSON, Phyllis Ida 24
JONES, Nance Catherine 32
JOOSTE, Frans 37
Joseph [6.3] 14
Joseph Peter [12.2526411] 45
Joy Elizabeth [12.2258754] 48
Joyce Gwendoline [12.2526452] 45
JOYCE, Susan Marguarite 17, 41
Judith Estelle [13.22922122] 41
Juiliana [12.2254561] 24
Justin David [14.2412322233] 47
Kari [14.2412322251] 47
Karin Anne [13.22587411] 42
Kathleen [12.2526432] 45
KEET, Catharina Cornelia Elizabeth 17
KEET, Isabella Henrietta 18
Kenneth Donald [W12.147] 69
KEPLER, Katharina Margaretha 15
Kevin John [13.22547721] 23
Kim [14.241232.10.22] 32
KINGON, Mathilda Meyer 38
KIRSTEN, Fanny 45
KIRSTEN, Lorraine Maud 45
KIRSTEN, Sievert 26
Kirsty [14.241232322] 33
KRITZINGER, Pieter Hendrik 33
KRUGER, Engela Elizabeth 18, 41
KRUGER, Marc Rudolf 33
KRUGER, Willem 24
KRUGER,Yvonne Mabel 47, 91, 97
LACOCK, Maria Magdalena 35
LAING, John Henry 62
LAUBSCHER, Catharina Wilhelmina 18
Lauren Anne [13.22587314] 46
Lauren Paula [14.2412322211] 47
Laurence [13.22914212] 43
Lavinia Agnes Emerton [11.241236] 28
LAWTON, Thomas Edward 19
LE RICHE, Maria Elisabeth 15
LE ROUX, Catharina Wilhelmina 41
LE ROUX, Margaret Maria 39
LE ROUX, Peter du Pre 39
LEDGERTON, Iris Joan 43
Leigh Ann [13.25264122] 45
Leigh Ann [14.241232.10.23] 32
LEONARD, Aletta Gezina Sussana 18
Leslie [11.225475] 23
Leslie John [13.241232.10.2] 32
Linda [13.24122422] 35
Linda Doreen [12.2255113] 22
Linda Jane [13.24181222] 43
Linda Natalee [13.22587512] 48
LINDENBERG, Josina Christina 20
Lionel Herman Victor [11.225875] 42, 48
Lisa [14.241232323] 33
LOOTS, Jacobus Johannes 41
Lorna Ann [13.22581212] 42
Lorraine [13.24123231] 32
Lorraine [13.25232113] 44
LOUW, Susan Muriel 23
LOWRENS, Christiaan Jacob 33, 62
Lucelle Marais [11.225481] 24
Lyneth Anne [13.25271222] 43
Maarten Slabber [11.241815] 37, 38
Mabel Irene [12.2412343] 30
Magdalena [11.24181.10] 37
Magdalena Johanna Catharina [12.2418134] 38
Magdalena Johanna Catharina [12.2418152] 38
Magdalena Johanna Catharina [12.2418163] 39
Magdelena Johanna Catharina [12.2418141] 38
Magrieta Johanna Maria [13.22925715] 44
Mandy [14.241232321] 33
Maqdalena Dorothea[W12.142] 69
MAREE, Maria Elizabeth 44
MAREE, Maria Magdalena Albertha 40, 63
Margaret [11.225512] 21
Margaret Beth [13.24123733] 31
Margaret Louisa Addison [12.2255442] 21, 94
Margaretha Katharina Maria [12.2412411] 39
Maria [10.25261] 36
Maria [11.241817] 37
Maria Cornelia Barendina [13.24181614] 39
Maria Elizabeth [11.252723] 46
Maria Elizabeth [12.2292115] 19
Maria Elizabeth [W12.146] 69
Maria Emerenthia [12.2292412] 18
Maria Francina [10.24121] 27
Maria Francina [10.24152] 27
Maria Francina [9.2416] 26
Maria Johanna [10.25252] 35
Maria Johanna [12.2292534] 41
Maria Magdalena [10.25231] 35
Maria Magdalena Catharina [10.22584] 22
Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina [10.2254.10] 8, 19
Maria Sophia Catharina [11.241221] 27
Maria Wilhelmina [10.22541] 19
Marie Magrietha Albertha [13.22924313] 63
Marie Margritha Albertha [12.22924313] 40
Marie Maud.(Billie) [12.2412329] 29
Marie Salome [8.244] 16
Martha Elizabeth [11.2254.11.1] 25
Martha Jacoba [11.229212] 17
Martha Jacoba [12.2292116] 19
Martha Jacoba Elizabeth [12.2254.11.34] 25
Marthines Gysbertus Keet [11.229214] 17
Mary Ruth [10.2258.12.5](born PONTER) 34
Mathilda Charlotte Marriott [10.22589] 22
Mathilda Johanna [12.2254.11.32] 25
Mattyss Machiel [12.2292213] 18
Maureen Bridget [12.2526435] 45
Maureen Phyllis [12.2254723] 23
Mavis Ester [S13.112] 58, 70
Maynard Lacock [10.25232] 35
McFALL, George 23
McKAY, Myrtle Dorothy Florence 46, 87
McKENDRICK, Margaret 32
McLEARY, Ann Alice Maria 45
MEE, John H 29
Melody [13.22914211] 43
Mentour [S13.12] 70
METCALF, John 48
METZ, Uli 47, 95
Meyder (Meider) Johannes [11.229121] 17
Meyder Johannes [12.2291212] 17
MEYER, Andrew E 21
MEYER, William C 21
Michael [13.22914214] 43
Michael Leonard [13.25262114] 40
Michael Walstra [W11.14] 69
Michael Walstra [W12.141] 69
Michelle [13.241232.10.1] 32
MINAAR, Martha Elizabeth 25
MITCHELL, Dorothy Patrica 43
Molly Yvonne [14.2412322215] 47
MOSTERT, Catharina Charlotte Alida 42
MOSTERT, Maria Christina 36
MUIR, Willem Hendrik 15
MULLER, Hester Magdalena 28
MULLER, Johanna Francina 26
Muriel Joyce [12.2254771] 23
Muriel Magdalene [12.2412374] 30
Murray [14.241232113] 31
MYBERG, Philip Albertus 19
Mynard Lacock [12.2523211] 37, 44
NASH, Capt. J 26
NEL, Johanna Magrietha 28
NELSON, Robert Coenraad 20
Nicholaas Johannes [W12.144] 69
Nicholaas Leonard [12.2292413] 18, 44
Nicholaas Willem [11.229242] 18
Nicholas Scott [14.2412322231] 47
NISBET, William 35
NOBLE, John 20
Noel Burchell [13.24123731] 31
Noleen Glenda [14.252621112] 40
Norman [12.2258111] 25
NORRIS, Robin 33
NOTHNAGEL, Stephen Nicholas Johannes 48
Olga Marie [10.2258.12.3] 34
OSLER, Florence May 25
Owen Victor [13.24123261] 32, 46, 92
PADDON, Barbara 47
Pamela Claire [13.22587412] 42
PARK, Daphne Gwendoline (Wendy) 46
Patrica [12.2258712] 42
Patrica Ann [13.22922121] 41
PATTERSON, Violet Louisa (Vera) 32, 85
PEARSON, Gary David 31
PECK, Lauren 46
PENTZ, Johann Christiaan 34, 89
Percival Fred [12.2412321] 29, 31, 83
Peter Allan [14.241232225] 2, 47, 97
Peter Christopher [12.2258741] 42
Peter Francis [S13.114] 58, 70
Peter Frederick [13.22581223] 42
Peter George [11.252647] 45
Peter Val [13.24123211] 31
Petronella Elizabeth [12.2418124] 37
Petrus Jacobus Sybrand [11.241812] 37
Petrus Jacobus Sybrand [12.2418123] 37
Petrus Johannes [8.221] 15
Philene Meyer [12.2418153] 38
PIENAAR, Pieter 37
Pierre Ulrich [12.2254853] 24
Pierre Willem [13.22926222] 43
Piet [S11] 70
Pieter Abraham [11.229253] 33, 41, 62
Pieter Abraham [12.2292533] 41
Pieter Hendricus Jacobus [12.2418146] 38
Pieter Hendrik [12.2418132] 38
Pieter Jacobus Daniel [S13.11] 58, 70
Pieter Marius [13.22924111] 41
Pieter Paul Willem Jacob [10.22587] 22, 42, 80
Pieter Ulrich [10.22548] 19, 24
Pieter Ulrich [11.225473] 23
Pieter Ulrich [11.225485] 24
Pieter Ulrich [12.2254.11.35] 25
Pieter Ulrich [12.2254851] 24
Pieter Ulrich [9.2254] 16, 19, 72
Pieter Willem [11.229271] 19
Pieter Willem Charles [10.22924] 17, 18
Pieter Willem Charles [12.2292431] 40, 63
Pieter Willem Haaike [11.229262] 18, 40
Pieter Willem Haaike [12.2292622] 40, 43
Pieter Willem Heideman [11.229211] 17, 19
Pieter Willem Heideman [11.229221] 18
Pieter Willem Heideman [11.229241] 18
Pieter Willem Heideman [12.2292411] 18, 41
Pieter Willem Heideman [13.22924141] 43
Pieter Willem Heideman [9.2292] 16, 17
Pieter Willem Heydeman [11.229252] 33, 62
PILGRAN, Constance Mary 21, 22
POPE, 21
POTGIETER, Anna Barbara Wilhelmina 43
Priscilla Grace [12.2258753] 48
Quinten [W14.14112] 69
Rachel Jacoba [12.2291211] 17
RALPH, James 31
Raphael Tobias [14.2412322222] 47
Regina [12.2291216] 17
Reginald Dennis [13.22581222] 42
Reginald Kenneth [12.2258121] 40, 42
Reginald Oseland [13.25262111] 40
Reed Paul [14.2412322214] 47
REID, Doris Pricilla 31
Renée Alison [13.22587511] 48
RETIEF, Hester Jacoba 40
REX, Muriel Amelia 40
Reyna [13.22912133] 41
RHODA, Consanct Ester 70
Richard Joseph John [11.252641] 45
Richard Joseph John [12.2526412] 45
Richard Joseph John [9.2526] 15, 36, 45
Richard Peter [13.25264121] 45
RISSIK, Johan Friedrich Bernhard 19
RITCHIE, Winifred Kate 27
Roberts Baden [11.225872] 42
ROBERTS, Gordon 47
Robin Victor [13.24123212] 31
Robyn Jane [13.22547722] 23
Rochelle Lancia [W14.14114] 69
ROLFE, Alma Elanor 42
ROSS, 42
ROSSOUW, Johanna Jacoba 38
Roswald de Vaal [11.225456] 20, 24
Roswald Thekla [12.2254551] 20
ROUSSOUW, Charlotte Johanna 16
ROUX, Elizabeth Maureen 43
RUSH, William Rolande Gerrard 24
Ruth [12.2258612] 22
Ruth [13.25232111] 44
Ruth Magdalene [12.2258752] 48
Rykje Christina [9.2256] 16
Samantha Gretchen [14.2412322213] 47 *25/02/1985
Sandra Van Eyk [14.252321121] 44
Sara Aletta Cecilia [10.22588] 22
Sara Brand [11.225541] 21, 77
SCHAFFER, Maria Christina 16
SCHAPER, Henry 25
SCHEEPERS, Dorothea Susanna 29
SCHICKERLING, Sophia Maria 25
SCHNIJMANN, Anna Christina Elizabeth 46
Sebastiaan Johannes [10.22925] 17, 33, 62
Sebastiaan Johannes [11.229256] 33, 44
Sebastiaan Johannes [12.2292571] 44
Sebastiaan Johannes [13.22925713] 44
Shaun Philip [14.241232226] 47
Sheila Daphne [12.2255114] 22
SHIPTON, Rodney 30
Shirley [12.2258611] 22
Shirley Dawn [12.2254773] 23
Shirley Jean [13.24123262] 32, 92
SHORT, Lilian 30
Sidney Albert Oliver [11.241231] 28
Sidney Robey [12.2291213] 8, 17, 41, 46, 90
Siebert Coenraad [8.222] 15
SINCLAIR, Sara Aletta 22, 74
SLABBER, Magdalena Johanna Catharina 37
SMIDT, Rupert 21
SMIT, Andrew 34, 37, 89
SMIT, Jacob Casper 25
SMIT, Johanna Barbara 39
SMITH, Darroll 23
SMITH, Maria Cornelia 39
Sophia Elizabeth [S13.111] 58, 70
Sophia Johanna Maria [10.22923] 17
Sophia Johanna Maria [11.229259] 33
Sophia Rosalie [11.229264] 18
SPENGLER, Johanna Elizabeth Georgina 27
SPIES, Sophia 70
SPINKS, Hazel 35
St Clair Royden [11.225873] 42, 46, 87
Stacey Bronwyn [14.2412322252] 47
Stanley Edgar[13.25262112] 40
STAPELBERG, Martha Maria Magdalena 18
STEAD, Jillian Anne 42
STEENKAMP, Gertruida Jacoba Susanna 48
STEGMAN, John William 35
Stella [12.22924311] 40
Stella [13.22924311] 63
Stephanie Anne [12.2258742] 42
Stephanus [12.25262112] 36
Stephanus Abraham [12.2292532] 41
Stephanus Solomon [W10.1] 69
Stephen Paul [12.2258751] 48
Stephen Salmon [W11.13] 69
Steven Richard [14.241232222] 47, 95
Stewart Douglas [14.2412322212] 47
STEWART, William 48
STEYN, Anna Maria Elizabeth Magdalena 39
STIGLINGH, Maria Johanna 35
STILES, Michael 32, 92
STOREY, Verginia Gertrude 30
STRYDOM, Leonie 47, 97
Suisette Ulria [11.225453] 20
SURGEON, Marjorie 31
SURGEON, Marjorie *1922. 31
Susanna Jacoba [12.2292114] 19
Susanna Johanna [11.229255] 33, 62
Susarah Susanna [11.252722] 46
Sussanna Francina [10.22552] 20
SWART, Dirk Cornelius 33, 62
SWARTZ, Francina Jacoba 36
SWARTZ, Francina Jacoba (Mostert) 36
Sydney George David [12.2412323] 29, 32, 83
TEAGUE, Bertie Leonard 23
Terence Michael [12.2526434] 45
Theunis Gerhadus [11.241816] 37, 39
Theunis Gerhadus [13.24181612] 39
Theunis Gerhardus Slabber [12.2418165] 39
Thomas Frederick [13.24181613] 39
Thomas George St Clair [10.22582] 22
THOMAS, Richard Jeremy 33
TOWNSEND, Jean Lily 29, 82
TROMP, Elisabeth Maria Fredrika 19
TRUTER, Catherine Elizabeth 42
Ulric Bruce [12.2258711] 42
Ursula [11.2258.12.22] 39
Valerie Marais [11.225483] 24
VAN BILJOEN, Susanna Jacoba Philippina 18
VAN BREDA, Pieter Gerhard, 22
VAN DEN BERG, Hendrina Magdalena Johanna 16
VAN DER  WATT, Hendrik Johannes 36
VAN DER MERWE, Daniel David 35
VAN DER MERWE, Maria Jacoba 19
VAN DYK, Evert 26
VAN EYK, Martha Maria 44
VAN HUYSSTEEN, Elize 47, 96
VAN LELYVELD, Emma Susan Jane 46
VAN NIEKERK, Jacobus Wilhelmus 35
VAN REENEN, Louis Antonie 40
VAN VUUREN, Maria Elizabeth 69
VAN WYK, Gideon Jacobus 40, 63
VERMAAK 17, 43
VERMOTEN, Ian Reginald 24
Vernon [11.225472] 23
VERSFELDT, Marthinus 22
Victor [12.2412242] 35
Victor Muller Payne [12.2412326] 29, 32, 86
Victor Sydney [13.24123221] 32
VILJOEN, Cornelia Etrica 33
Vincent Paul [14.2412322221] 47
VINEY, Dorothy Mabel 22
VINJEVOLD, Christine 31
Violet Eileen [12.2412342] 30
VISSER, Petronella Sebella 36
VON DOMARUS, Helena Cecilia 34
VON EDEN, John Christopher 35
VON MEMERTY, Alexander Konstantin 32
VOS, Hendrik 15
VOS, J H 16
WALBERGER, Maureen 28
Walstra Pietersen [W12.143] 69
WALSTRA, Elizabeth Anne 69
WALTERS, Valerie Cheryl 47, 96
Warren Errol [13.22587313] 46
WESSELS, Petronella 28
WHEELER, Madeleine 47, 97
WIGGET, John Howitson 22
WIID, Carolina Maria 15
WILCOX, Sally 47, 95
WILLAN, Jessie 22
Willem Johannes [W12.145] 69
Willem Karl von Gorkom [11.229144] 34
Willem Theodorus van den Berg [10.22912] 16, 17
William Albert [10.2258.12.2] 34, 39, 88, 89
William Graham [12.2523213] 37
William Walter [11.252645] 45
WILLIAMS, Karyn 31
WILSON, Evelyn 23
WILSON, Mary Stiven 21
Winifred Petronella[12.2412412] 39
Wolfgang [0] 14
WOODWARD, Antony Roy 39
Woter Willem [11.229257] 33
WRIGHT, Doris Ventone 23
YUNNIE, Joan 23
Yvonne Louise [12.2254552] 20
ZEILINGA, Johanna Maria 18
ZINN, Emily 42, 80